Pooka Puzzle Cubes (Level 2) Chimerical
A clever little device created by the pooka, either as a fun prank to frustrate friends or more often, a way to stall one's pursuer. The cube is a small puzzle box. It is usually left in an obvious place in hopes that someone will see it. The first person to see the cube after it is "set" suddenly feels an overwhelming desire to solve the cube. Upon encountering a "set" cube the person can resist the urge by making a Willpower roll diff 8 or taking a temporary point of Banality. The cubes come in many varieties from a standard Rubix cube to elaborate Chinese puzzle boxes. Some boxes are more complicated than others, but usually they have at least a difficulty rating of 7 or higher. On an extended Int + Enigmas roll the solver must gain a minimum of 2 succs to solve the cube. Some cubes require more succs. "Setting" a cube requires an Int + Enigmas roll diff 6 and i f the cube is intended to affect a mortal or other glamour-less being, a point of glamour must be infused into the cube. A cube remains set until it is solved.

Sluagh Telegraph Teacups (Level 3) Wyrd
this treasure is a teacup and saucer set. they come in all sorts of cultural variations, although in sluagh traditon most lean toward the victorian. sluagh who own them learn a variation of morse code (anyone with etiquette (sluagh) of at least 3 is familiar the code). By gently tapping on the side of the cup with a tea spoon in the code the code is recieved by the intended other sluagh over any distance (not between layers of the dreaming) with another teacup set. The sluagh pours the favorite tea of the intended slaugh into the cup and beings the code. If the other sluagh is near their tea set they will hear it and respond. So to contact another sluagh they must know their favorite tea.

The following set of treasures are courtesy of Ryan Carden:

Shield of the Salemander Level 3 Chimerical
(1G Wielder immune to fire).

Firebomb Level 5 Chimerical
(Pyretics-4, Fae-4, Scene-2), (reusable)

Ring of Deflection Level 1 Chimerical
(1 arrow automatically misses wearer per round).

Moonblade Level 1 Chimerical
(Cold to touch, extinguish fires).

Ironhide Unique Treasures
(unpierceable, indestructable), Made before the Shattering from the skin of the great dragon chimera, Irontooth, This dragonleather is totally unpiercable, indestructable, and immune to fire, cold and even the ravages of Banality. Items made of Ironhide are very rare. There are a few pairs of boots still around (and three right boots with no partner) as well as a number of pairs of gloves made from Ironhide.

Bow of Ash Level 4 Chimerical
Whenever the bowstring is pulled on this bow, an arrow of flame appears. The bow has a line-of-sight range and does 5 dice of aggravated damage.

Shroud of Dead Eyes Level 3 Chimerical
(Allows wearer to see and hear wraiths). As the Kinain Gift.

The Armor of Lord Winter Legendary Treasure
(5d, -1 Per, -1 Dex) Owned by an Unseelie Baron before the Shattering, this battered plate armor allows the wearer to instill Fear in all who oppose him (as the rede) at no cost

Ring of Liberty Level 2 Wyrd
These rings have small symbols of the Liberty Bell or the Liberty Tree on them. (ignore Dictum). 1 Glamour per Dictum.

Noble's Pyx Level 2 Wyrd
(ring, holds Dictum). 1 Glamour.

Tome of Memories Level 4 Wyrd
(recalls memories of others). Gives Remembrance 5 equivalent.

Lance of Flame Level 3 Chimerical
(Str+3, Diff. 6, bursts into flame (1G, +3d damage, torchlight)).

Breathing Sponge Level 2 Wyrd
(put sponge in mouth. Allows hold breath Sta roll (diff 6) in hours).

Lightning Skates Level 2 Wyrd
(Roller Blades, 1 Glamour, double speed/up to 25 mph). First used by "Marco" Martinez.

Gauntlets of Herakles Legendary Treasure
Str+3 damage
+5 to Feats of Strength
Can roll Dex+Brawl to parry melee attacks (diff. 6) or parry bullets (diff. 10)

All of the following chimerical items and treasures are based on Treasure cards from White Wolf's CCG Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt and Arcadia: King Ironheart's Madness. Sometimes all we took was the name and gave the item a completely new concept. This ended up being s a GREAT way to come up with a whole bunch of really cool items. My fellow gamer and ST Ryan Carden was the one who started this little venture and quite a few of the items were all him.

Al-Kanon- The Chaos Sword Legendary Treasure
An incredibly powerfully Unseelie weapon the Chaos Sword strikes fear into all Seelie who hear its name. The Sword has no static appearance and alters its shape to suit the whims and mood of its owner. The owner may spend one point of Willpower and Glamour to gain an automatic success on all rolls using the sword for the duration of the scene. Unseelie fae bearing the sword also gain the ability to spend one point of Glamour to turn all a single opponent's non-successes into ones on any given roll before the roll is made. Difficulty 6/Damage 5/Conceal N/Str 3

Belt of Troll Strength (Level 3) Chimerical
This belt gives the wielder +1 STR and an additional Bruised Health Level.

Blood Key, The (Level 5) House Balor Legendary Treasure
The Blood Key is actually a set of three brass keys set on a ring. Each key has a blood red ruby set into them. Each key can hold a single point of Glamour. Any cantrip targeted at the holder of the keys fails as long as all three of the keys have charges in them. This causes one of the charges to be used. Any cantrip cast one the holder of the keys by someone of lower title that the holder automatically backfires on the caster; this also only uses one of the charges.

Bradburr's Mighty Penn Legendary Treasure
Bradburr's Mighty Pen allows the user to write anything and have whoever reads it to make a Willpower roll difficulty 9 to not believe what is written. The Mists eventually erase the writings of anything written by the pen.

Circlet of Resolve (Level 3) Chimerical
This powerful Treasure, when worn, lowers the diffculty of all Willpower related rolls by 2. In addition, anyone attempting to control the wearer's will has his or her difficulties increased by 1.

Coin of Clarity (Level 1) Treasure
This silver coin looks very old. It is impossible to tell exactly where the coin originated from, as there is a hole in the middle of it. Some words can be made out on the side, such as, "The truth will set you free," "The walls have ears," While held in a Changeling's hand, this coin adds 1 die to all Perception rolls.

Dem Bones (Level 2) Chimerical
These six-sided dice are usually found in small pouches of six or less. They can appear like regular dice but sometimes appear to actually be carved from bones. The dice can be rolled for "luck" before the user takes any other action. (If the ST or the player actually has enough six-sided dice to use them with a difficulty of 4, cause that's more fun) Have the player roll the appropriate number of ten-sided dice with a difficulty of 7. The successes gained are added to the next action the character takes. After being used one of the dice disappears. If the roll is botched then all of the dice disappear.

Dream Catcher (Level 5) Nunnehi Treasure
The Dream Catcher only functions for Nunnehi. The Nunnehi may spend one point of Glamour to entrap one nochnista chimera inside the Dream Catcher. The Nunnehi must spend one point of Willpower per week to contain the nochnista within the Treasure. If the Willpower is not spent the nochnista will escape and attack the Nunnehi. The Nunnehi may roll Int + Enigmas to release the nochnista. At this point the nightmare chimera will attack a target of the Nunnehi's choosing and then be sent into the Dreaming. It is unknown what effect the Dream Catcher has upon the Adhene.

Fancy Pants (Level 1) Chimerical
These elaborately embroidered breeches add 1 die to all social interactions with Sidhe, and other blue-blood types (snotty aristocrats, Toreador, etc).

Flash Powder (Level 2) Chimerical
A Knocker invention, there are two parts to the powder. If mixed together, a simple impact with a hard surface causes a massive flash of light that will blind anyone witnessing it for 7 rounds minus 1 round per dot in Perception. There is enough powder for 6 uses.

Golden Torc (Level 3) Chimerical
This ornate golden torc, often a tool of the Sidhe casts the cantrip Grandeur at a cost of one Glamour.

Gremlin Tools (Level 3) Treasure
These are a set of lock picking type tools. User rolls Dex + Repair difficulty 6 on chimerical machinery and difficulty 8 on mundane machinery. The number of successes determines how the machine breaks down. A higher number of success rolls will cause the break down to be more destructive and explosive.

Gurrgall's Axe Legendary Treasure
This Axe (Non concealable, Str+6 damage, difficulty 6) was once wielded by the infamous Ogre, Gurrgall. He was said to be unnaturally tough and his axe had a lot to do with it. The wielder of this axe ignores all wound penalties except Incapacitated as long as the weapon remains in his hands. Not only that, the wielder can spend Willpower to gain additional health levels (on a 1 for 1 basis) that last for the rest of the scene.

Hawk Knife (Level 1) Chimerical
When thrown, this large knife (STR+2, Difficulty. 4, Con. P) will return to the wielder's hand at the beginning of his next action.

Lance of Ardlanth Legendary Treasure
This Lance was enchanted to slay Dragons and their kin, to tear through their scales and destroy them. It is normally a Str+3 weapon with a difficulty of 6. If wielded against Dragons or their kin, it does Str+8 damage. The lance is totally unbreakable and immune to f ire, acid and even the ravages of Banality. In addition to that, the wielder can elect to spend a point of Glamour before the attack roll is made and ignore the target's armor. They still soak with their Stamina, but their armor dice are not used.

Magic Beans (Level 2) Chimerical
If a point of Glamour is invested in the beans and planted in soil, one of the following effects will happen based on the wants of the user. Once the bean is used, it is gone forever.
A - A vine rope will stretch up to 100 feet straight up (Wyrd)
B - A fruit tree will grow (type determined by ST, the tree will be appropriate to climate) and immediately sprout fruit. (Wyrd)
C - A Vine Monster will form (All physical attributes are 3, 5 dice to hit, 4 damage (thorny whip-like vines) 4 health levels (OK, -1, -2, -5, Incap). (Chimerical)

Magic Spyglass (Level 4) Treasure
The Magic Spyglass can be used for the cost of one point of Glamour to view any place the character has ever visited in their current incarnation. The use may spend an additional point of Glamour to look into the Near Dreaming, two for the Far and three for the Deep. Looking beyond the Vale of Mists and into the Far and Deep Dreaming however puts the user in risk of entering the 1st Threshold of Bedlam.

Mead of Vigor (Level 1) Chimerical
This hearty mead cures fatigue and invigorates the drinker. The drinker experiences the sensation of awaking as if he had a full night's sleep the night before. For the next hour, it also adds 1 to the drinker's Str & Sta.

Mephisto's Seeds (Level 4) Chimerical
These seeds are reputed to be from the Nightmare Realm. When the seeds is thrown against the ground, a nightmarish beast will hatch from the tiny seed and grow to its normal size (Make a chimera with 40 Chimera points, no Chimera hatched from the seeds will hatch as a sentient Chimera). But there is no guarantee that the Chimera will not attack the one who hatched it.

Mirthos Fjadal Legendary Treasure
This Armor has the following statistics: Bashing Soak-4, Melee Soak-4, Bullet Soak-4, No Dexterity Penalty, No Perception Penalty. Plus the Armor can store up to 4 points of Glamour and Willpower (four points total, not each).

Music Box (Level 3) Treasure
These ornate music boxes have been found in Seelie Courts for years and are used by Nobles at gatherings. New owner invests 3 points of temporary Glamour into box to become new owner. When the box is played the owner gets a minus to all difficulty to all Social rolls when dealing with anyone who can hear the music. Seelie gain a -2 difficulty on all Social rolls and Unseelie gain -1 difficulty.

Nocker Shoulder Cannon (Level 4) Chimerical
The weapon is incredibly LOUD. If no ear protection is worn all characters in the scene gain a + 3 difficulty on all hearing based Perc rolls for the duration of the scene. Sluagh gain a +4 difficulty. anything that can fit into the mouth of the cannon can be used as potential ammunition. Dex + Firearms Difficulty 8. Damage 7

Nymph's Wreath (Level 2) Kubera Treasure
The treasure allows the user to mimic the powers of the Metamorphosis cantrip Hidden Form. (The Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner pg 76). No cost. The effect lasts as long as the Kubera wears the wreath. Gladelings also gain the ability to step into a tree and exit any other tree within the same forest or area (park, city block, etc) with a successful Int + Survial roll difficulty 7. Every dot the gladeling has in Area Knowledge pertaining to the area of his/her anchor lowers the difficulty by one to a minimum of 4.

Oyster Pearl Ring (Level 2) Chimerical
These rings are most commonly found among the Selkies and Merfolk. When worn by air breathers they can breathe underwater and water breathers can breathe air.

Pearl of Wisdom (Level 3) Treasure
These larger than normal pearls are said to grant to user the wisdom of the sea. Whenever the Pearl is in contact with the subject's head the user gains an additional point of Int and Willpower.

Pixie Dust (Level 2) Chimerical
A pinch of pixie dust will cast Fuddle on anyone who inhales it.
A double pinch casts Veiled Eyes
A triple pinch casts Fugue
A bag of Pixie Dust usually has nine pinches in itů Pixie Dust is made from ground up Nevers.

Pooka Mask (Level 3) Chimerical
These masks look like cheap party bandit masks. The mask grants the wearer +2 Wits, +2 Fast talk, and -1 difficulty on all Social rolls. Non-Pooka wearing the mask get a +2 Difficulty on all Willpower rolls while the mask is worn.

Potion of Love (Level 1) Chimerical
The liquid in these potions is usually a deep syrupy purple that tastes like liquid cotton candy. The 1st person the imbiber of the potion sees after ingestment gains a +4 Cha (does not raise above 5) when dealing with the person under the sway of the potion.

Ring of Karma (Level 4) Treasure
These rare rings, mostly known to be of Eshu descent, alter their form to most suit their new owner when first worn and have no static appearance. Whenever the player fails a roll while wearing the ring they may chose to invest a point of Glamour into the ring to give it one charge. Any time a player botches a roll they may give the ring two charges for the cost of one Glamour. A single charge may be expended to reroll any failed or botched roll. If the user chooses to use the ring to make a reroll they are not allowed to use that failure to charge the ring.

Rose Colored Goggles (Level 2) Chimerical
This curious pair of goggles makes the wearer very happy they are unable to see any misery in the world (quite a feat in the WoD). The wearer gains a +2 difficulty on all Willpower rolls on account be being so content they don't resist and their Subterfuge score is reduced to 0.

Satyr Pipes (Level 2) Satyr Treasure
These treasures are usually created in the form of traditional pan pipes, however other musical instruments have been created with the same properties. Whenever a Satyr uses these pipes in conjunction with their birthright: Gift of Pan. Subjects resisting the effect of the birthright will have their difficulty roll raised by two.

Shrink Lamp (Level 4) Chimerical
Commoners have used these rusty lamps for various things through out the ages. By spending a point of Glamour the user can shrink any person, creature or object similar to the effect for the Metamorphosis cantrip Go Ask Alice (The Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner pg 76). The Shrink Lamp cannot be used to make things grow larger.

Silver Branch (Level 3) Chimerical
This silver divining rod will lead the bearer back to the silver path and in the direction of the nearest freehold.

Silver Tongue, The (Level 2) Chimerical
If this strange withered tongue is held in a person's hand, it adds 1 die to all Charisma and Manipulation rolls.

Skeleton Key (Level 3) Chimerical
Opens any non-enchanted lock that requires a key with the expenditure of one point of Glamour.

Sluagh Shadow Shoes (Level 2) Sluagh Treasure
These jet-black slippers seem to be actually made of shadows. Non-Sluagh wearing the shoes feel their feet as cold, empty shells, almost as if they weren't there to begin with. Grants wearer +2 Stealth, Sluagh gain +3.

Sooper Gloo (Level 1) Chimerical
These toothpaste size tubes of glue with the words "Sooper Gloo" have been to joy of childlings and the misery of older fae who were foolish enough to allow the childlings to get their hands on them. Each tube holds about five large uses, more if not much is used at a time. To break the chimerical bond that the Sooper Gloo forms requires a Str roll difficulty 9 and at least three successes.

Steam Powered Flight Rig (Level 2) Chimerical
The rig requires chimerical water to function. One point of Glamour allows the user to fly for the duration of a single scene. All of the rules of chimerical aided flight should be used. *The ST should roll a single d10 when the rig is activated. A botch means that the rig malfunctions and must be repaired before it can be used again.

Storm Maker (Level 4) Treasure
These Jack-in-the-Box looking boxes have a crank on the side. When a point of Glamour is spent the user makes a Glamour roll difficulty 7. The successes create a storm using the same set of rules found in the Weather-Craft cantrip Stormcraft (Blood Dimmed Tides pg 81)

Wand of Ice (Level 3) Chimerical
This wand allows the wielder to spend a point of Glamour to coat a target in ice. The target may make no actions but to attempt to break loose as the ice quickly covers them. They must make Strength roll each round for four rounds and achieve 6 successes. If they do not, they are trapped in suspended animation until the ice is broken (the ice has 4health levels)

Wind Pistol (Level 3) Chimerical
These odd-looking wireless hairdryer looking pistols create great winds when fired. User rolls Dex + Firearms and the Pistol fires a windblast that causes 8 dice of knockdown. The pistol holds five charges for a single point of Glamour being imbued into it. It can only hold five at a time. The Pistol can also be used to (as it has been said by childlings) "blow all sorts of crap all over the place."

Winged Sandals (Level 2) Chimerical
When donned, these sandals allow the wearer to make massive leaps, as if he had gotten 4 successes on Hopscotch roll (5 stories up or 150' across). To make such a jump costs a point of Glamour.

I would like to thank Ryan Carden, Jay Self, and Greg Plunket (especially for the Ring of Karma) for their help with this project.

Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown