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Spirit Link Revised and the New Realm Ephemera

After the Nunnehi were granted the ability to enter the Umbra by their Totems they needed a way to intereact with the new world that was available to them. They developed the art of Spirit Link and the Realm of Ephemera to do this. There was a pact made between the Totems and the Nunnehi. It said that while they would be allowed to enter and intereact with the Spirit World they would not be allowed to change it. The could speak to and even command spirits, but they could never alter them in any way. (This is why they have no abilities like Spirit Drain or Malleable Spirit.) Only the Nunnehi and Menehune may possess this art due to their connection to the Umbra from the Totem Spirits.
*The following Diff Modifiers exist for the Nunnehi: Wyrm Spirits +1, Weaver Spirits +2, and Wyld Spirits -1*
note that this art only applies to spirits dwelling in the *Middle Umbra*. The Low Umbra, High Umbra, and Deep Umbra are off-limits

Attribute: Intelligence

Level 1:
*Airt Sense- The Nunnehi gains a basic idea of his place in the Umbra and a sense of where they are going. (Int + Eph, diff = 4 (daytime), diff = 5 (full moon), 6 (gibbous moon), 7 (half moon), 8 (crescent moon), 9 (new moon)),
*Umbral Tether- (Int + Eph, diff Survival -4. The Nunnehi's score in Scene limits the distance they can Tether themselves)
*Spirit Path- (Int + Eph, diff Survival -4. The Nunnehi's score in Scene limits the distance they can Tether themselves)

Level 2:
*Spirit Speech- The Nunnehi can speak to spirits for a scene. (Int + Eph, diff 6)
*Name Spirit- The Nunnehi can identify the type of spirit and its individual name. (Int + Eph, diff 9 - Cosmology)

Level 3:
*Pulse of the Invisble- If the Nunnehi's Glamour Dice Pool equals or exceeds the Gauntlet, he can automatically see into the Penumbra. Otherwise, he must roll to pierce the Gauntlet, using Int + Eph (difficulty of the Gauntlet). Only one success is required. The effect lasts for an entire scene or until the character enters an area with a higher Gauntlet.
*Command Spirit- The character can manipulate encountered spirits, giving simple commands and expecting their compliance. While she cannot summon spirits by name with this level, she can interact with those she meets.(Int + Eph, diff Willpower of spirit) Note that the Nunnehi cannot command spirits to leave areas to which they have been bound; that requires the Exorcism level.

Level 4:
*Summon Spirit- The Nunnehi can summon a single spirit to their location. (Int + Eph, diff Willpower of spirit)
*Bind Spirit- The Nunnehi can bind a spirit to create a fetish. (Int + Eph, diff = Gnosis of spirit, the spirit can be bribed with Medicine. -1 diff for every additional point of Medicine spent. However the key to binding a spirit is role-playing, The spirit does not have to accept the bribe.)
*Exorcise/Ward Spirits- The Nunnehi can exorcise a spirit possessing an individual or ward an area against a spirit entering it. (Int + Eph, diff = Rage of Spirit, Using the Scene Realm as a modifier enables the Nunnehi to Ward an area)

Level 5:
*Summon Multiple Spirits- TRghe Nunnehi may summon multiple spirits to their location. For every success on the Int + Eph (diff 8) role the Nunnehi may summon a single spirit plus one (ex with 1 success, they summon 2. with 2 successes, they summon 3 etc).
*Channel Spirit- The Nunnehi uses themselves as a vessal for the spirit. The spirit and the Nunnehi become one. The Nunnehi gains access to the Spirit's charms. (each success on the Int + Eph role diff the spirits Willpower, allows the nunnehi to mimick one charm possessed by the spirit. A botch indicates that the spirit gains control. A failure means that the nunnehi wasn't able to channel the spirit. The nunnehi must first summon the desired spirit to be channeled using the level 4 power)

The Realm of Ephemera

Level 1: Gafflings related to Totem Spirit
Level 2: All Gafflings
Level 3: Elementals and Naturae
Level 4: Jagglings related to Totem Spirit
Level 5: All Jagglings

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