Want a little look at some stuff for sluagh only?

Provided below are articles, merits, flaws, and treasures that deal with sluagh. We also have quick low-down on the sluagh for your viewing pleasure as well.

Cult of the Downward Spiral
by Andrew Besuden
A look at group of fanatics, madmen and other evils inside of a religion of doom.

Body Thieves
by Andrew Besuden
A description of one of the Shadow Court's sluagh-only society that has begun to providing bodies for the Dark-kin

Cold Light: Enigma of Truth
by Andrew Besuden
Some info on the sluagh's greatest treasure, its possible origins, disappearance and some recent developments.

Abbey Lubbers and Buttery Spirits
by Andrew Besuden
A look at the history and current activities of the sluagh's most well knwon secret societies.

The Sixth Great Maelstrom, or Having the Dead Crash for Awhile
by Andrew Besuden
Want to know what happens when a planetary-wide storm in the land of dead can cause for the one kith that have contact with them on a regualr basis? Well here you go.

A list of treasures just for sluagh.

Exclusive Merits & Flaws for the Sluagh
An list of Merit and Flaws that are sluagh-only.

A Quick Look at the Sluagh
A brief look at the history, habits, birthrights, and frailties of the sluagh.

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