Treasures (Sokrovishche)

Wraith Stone (Level 1 Treasure)
This is simple little stone that allows its owner to be alerted when a Wraith is in his premises. A wraith stone is often a regular stone or in some cases even a fake gem. Whenever a Wraith comes into the area of a Wraith Stone, the stone will give of a small shriek that will be audible to the owner of the stone.

Spirit Glasses (Level 2 Treasure)
While sluagh do possess the ability to see ghosts, this often takes a while for the sluagh and can cause disorientation. Spirit glasses were made to allow sluagh to easily see their ghostly associates. Sluagh who wear Spirit Glasses can see wraiths as if he were using his naturally ability to see the dead (see Book of Lost Dreams), Other changelings may be able to use Spirit Glasses, but must pay a point of glamour to activate them.

Distilled Fear (Level 3 Treasure)
In several tribes around the world, it is believed that if one consumed the fear of another you would gain strength and power for a short while. The sluagh have been tapping into fear for quite some time and have been able to create a unique liquor that can either make you stronger or cause you curl up in a fetal position for awhile. Distilled Fear also has other unique properties. It seems that Sluagh and Redcaps have an easier time handling the stuff than do other kiths and mortals have an even worse time handling Distilled Fear. All that is required to activate Distilled Fear is a willpower roll (diff. 5 for Sluagh, Redcaps, Thallain and all Adhene except Aonides & Moiræ; 6 for other Kithain, the Gallain, and Aonides and Moiræ; and 7 for creatures not of the Dreaming). If successful, the imbiber in question gains a dot in one of the Physical Attributes for a scene. Failure on the roll results in the imbiber gaining a random phobia for a scene while a botch results in a permanent phobia.

Fear Dagger (Level 4 Treasure)
Sluagh normally do not use many bladed weapons, preferring the use of guns, poisonous darts and blowguns to remove the targets but the dagger is often used when the situation calls for an up close & personal "job." However, these jobs don't always go as planned which is why sluagh created fear daggers. Fear daggers look and for all intents and purposes like normal daggers except that they have been forged and cooled from fear itself. Anyone who is damaged by a fear dagger, even one health level, must roll willpower (difficulty 4 + the number of successes scored on the damage roll, the difficulty can never go above 10) or else permanently gain a phobia. This effect can only can be used only once per person in a scene but can't be used more once on a person. Currently there are only 10 fear daggers in existence and all of them are jealously guarded by their owners.

Shard of Cold Light (Level 5 Treasure)
This is perhaps one of the rarest treasures in all the Dreaming besides Cold Light itself. There are only three shards of Cold Light found so far in the entire Dreaming, with one hidden deep in the sea by the Merfolk, and the other two hidden by the Sluagh. Many sluagh speculate that the Shards of Cold Light came from the eternal ice that was used to make Cold Light, while some of the more cynical members claim it's the shattered remains of one of the Sluagh's most prized treasures. Though the shards do not compel truth from those who are caught in the glow of the eternal ice, it does allow the bearer of the shard to tell if someone is lying or not, but must be recharged after wards. Shard of Cold Light requires 2 points of Glamour to be charged and can only hold one charge at a time. Whenever someone is lying to the bearer of the shard, the Shard of Cold Light glows brightly, thus using up the charge of Glamour. The Shards also have the ability to dispel any illusion affecting the bearer; this does not require a charge of Glamour.