Some Information about the Sluagh

The sluagh are on the bottom of the kithain heirarchy. However this kith causes no one end of discomfort to the other kiths. From eating habits to the love of collecting secrets and trinkets, this Nightmare-born kith shares nearly the same stigma as the redcaps; yet they also have a huge impact as well.

Sluagh were born from fear and the shadows. They first arrising of the sluagh originated in an Eastern European forest. They gathered together and did what they were dreamt to do, cause fear. Now during these times, the sluagh were not as they are now. These Nightmare-born were formless blobs which could bend and stretch in any form to help further their scarring tactics foten aided by chimera of the same purpose as the sluagh. Over the ages the sluagh became more and more humanoid until they could only stretch and contract their bodies. The sluagh were predominately Seelie, unusual for nightmare-born kiths, however mistrust and bad treatment caused many to head over to the Unseelie camp.

Odd Habits and Style
The Sluagh have many unusual habits and several other things which make them different from the majority of other kiths. The two things that cause grief to kithain at large is the sluagh's eating habits and the sluaghs love of gathering secrets. The most apparent characteristic of sluagh is that they are pale.

The dietary habits of a sluagh are quite literally gross. Sluagh can gain nourishment from things that humans wouldn't touch, rotten food. To a sluagh, stale bread, decaying lettuce, and maggot-covered steak is a very nourishing dinner. The reason why sluagh eat and gain sustenance from such disgusting meals comes from the late Middle Ages. During this time several Sluagh started taking on roles to teach a lesson to corrupted Humans (specifically Monks and Innkeepers) in the world. This order of sluagh came to be known by humans as Abbey Lubbers and Buttery Spirits. Human belief slowly began to accpet that these beings lived on rotten things while not chasing the Greedy Monk or Shallow Inkeeper, and sluagh, in their fae mein, all over began to find out that normal food no longer tasted so good but that rotted old bread was quite yummy. In modern times sluagh have to be quite inventive to get a quick bite so they've used many methods to make them less suspicious. One such method is making food have a chimmerical version that is totally rotten, humans can see a guy can enjoy a slice of freshly baked cake while the Sidhe Knight begins gasp at the sluagh enjoying a five-week old mush.

Sluagh love to collect things, often a sluagh's room is littered with books, scrolls, maps and some things best left unmentioned. The one thing sluagh truly love to collect are secrets. Sluaghs make natural spies and often do it to gather dirt on the local nobility or top guy for blackmailing or espionage purposes. Often sluagh services require a price whether it be a favorite possession, odd thing, or a secret. A word of Advice: its best not to be rude to a sluagh if you have skeletons in your closet.

Sluagh are also notorious for having an odor of decay about them. This doesn't mean that all sluagh smell like garbage or corpses, though several do. The majority smell like mildew, and several even smell like dead roses or other flowers or herbs. Another Common sluagh trait is that they have no teeth. This doesn't mean they can't eat a day-old Taco or stale bread, it just takes a while for them to grind it down. And just because they eat disgusting foods and smell like mildew, doesn't mean they love polluting nature. In fact, they despise pollution.

Finally, Sluagh protect and care about children no matter what the Boggans say. While it is true they have been hired by parents to scare unruly children, its more along the lines of a "scared-straight" programs of the US. Victorian Era sluagh were instrumental in the movement to enact child labor laws during the nineteenth century by anonymously pouring in money to the coffers of the movment.

Attire and Living Space
Many Kiths believe that sluagh dress in bondage. "Very, very few sluagh ever dress in bondage gear or other apparel. Those who do are almost all Unseelie, and do so for shock value more than anything else."(Kithbook: Sluagh p. 28) The sluagh usually dress casually or formal. The Victorian Era is admired by many sluagh for its stilted formality, Which cause alot of Sluagh attire to include top hats, ascots, lace, and other Victorian-style clothing.

Sluagh are known to lurk about in caves and sewers. This doesn't mean that they live in them, many have normal houses or even the occasional haunted house. Sluagh are on speaking terms with wraiths afterall.

Inherent Sluagh Abilities
from Changeling: The Dreaming
Squirm- Requires a few minutes (game time) of entertainment and a Dexterity + Athletics roll. Difficulty ranges from 6 (escaping ropes) to 10 (worming through the bars of a locked cell). Cold Iron is the only substance that can imprison a sluagh. Sluagh cannot use this Birthright in the presence of Mortals or the unenchanted.
Sharpened Senses- a sluagh's heightened senses allow them to reduce the difficulty of all their perception rolls by 2 (to a minimum difficulty of 3). Sluagh can see through illusory magic with a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 7). This birthright always functions normally. Sluaghs can never botch Stealth or Alertness rolls.

Curse of Silence- Sluaghs cannot speak above a whisper. Sluagh often dislike social situations and have very odd rules of etiquette. All Social rolls, except with other sluagh, have two added to the difficulty.

From Book of Lost Dreams
Seeing Ghosts- A sluagh must roll Perception + Kenning at a difficulty 9 to see Wraiths.
Speaking with Ghosts- A sluagh needs only to spend a point of glamour to hear Wraiths.