Merit and Flaws
New Merit and Flaws are indicated in red.

Death's Resilience (6pt Merit)

Sluagh are known for their link with the dead, but it is only a rare few that actually seem to retain the resilience that they are given from Scottish myths. And you are one of them. You can ignore all wound penalties, whether chimerical or mundane, until you are dead. As a side effect however your glamour gives of an unnatural feeling to those with high kenning and this extends to your cantrips as well (a Kenning+ Perception roll difficulty 6 can allow other kithain to recognize your particular glamour).

Never Slayed (7pt Merit)
The Legendry Slaying of Voices caused the sluagh, as a kith, to loose their voices and forever cursed to a whisper. However through some odd twist of fate your voice has remained intact. Upon your chrysalis, you gained an odd chimera that hangs around you; it can be no bigger than a house cat or smaller than a bat. Whenever this chimera is touching you, you can speak at a normal level. However if it leaves your area, you fall to a whisper level immediately. If this chimera should ever get lost or stray away for a long time, you start to become very anxious and suffer a -1 difficulty to all rolls until the chimera returns. And if the chimera should ever die, you must roll your willpower (difficulty 7) or enter a catatonic state for a week

Nightmare Form (5pt Merit)
Fear is what the Sluagh were born of. Long ago sluagh were able to use this fear to change there shape into an incarnation of fear whether to scare a child straight or to prove a greedy monk or shallow innkeeper was corrupt. This form was thought lost to all sluagh along with the ability to become a pile of ooze. However you still have this unique ability. By spending a point of Glamour and rolling Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 8), your body stretches out completely as limbs and body become extremely thin while your eyes glow an eerie red and your face contorts into a gruesome visage. This takes a full turn to change and no actions can be taken, the change can not be done in front of mortals or the unechanted. Once fully transformed into your Nightmare Form you add one dot to your Dexterity while subtract two dots from your appearance. Anyone who tries to attack or insult you must roll Willpower (difficulty 7) in order to do so or stop in their tracks do to sheer terror. This form allows you to deal Strength + 2 Aggravated damage with your hands. Mortals will see the transformed form but will be affected by the Mists afterwards. Due to the stretching of the limbs, the transformation lasts only a scene.

Dead Roommate (2-4pt Flaw)
The "Wailing" has caused quite a bit of trouble for you ever since it occurred, one of which is that a ghost now inhabits your favorite possession. For two points the ghost can hold its own and may even be willing to help you out, though it requires you to do some minor things for it. For four points however, the wraith in question is very weak and in some cases my try to attack you in a mad fit of sorts (for those who play Wraith: the Oblivion, this Wraith is struggling with catharsis). In both cases, the sluagh can actually hear the wraith without spending a point of glamour, however the Wraith is constantly complaining, or in the four-point version gibbering and violent threats.
Whenever in the area of the item possessed by the ghost the sluagh suffers a - 1 dice penalty on rolls, -2 and a point of willpower for the four point version, due to the Wraith's constant complaining.

Grip of Death (5pt Flaw)
This is an example of a sluagh whose glamour and fae mien have been warped due to constant association with the Black Paths of Balor, or some relation to the Nunnehi family known as the Pu'gwis. The Sluagh's visage has been reduced to that of a cadaver while his body has been weakened significantly. Sluagh with this flaw have an Appearance rating of zero and cannot have their Strength rating higher than 3 (much like Pu'gwis frailty). Because of this, all social rolls except for Intimidation are reduced by two.

Killmoulis Marks (1-4pt Flaw)
Whether in your past you were a killmoulis or perhaps your father or mother was one, you've inherited one or more traits, physical or mental, that are associated with this enigmatic denizens of the Dreaming. Depending on the severity of the flaw, the manifestation of Killmoulis marks could range from being shorter than other sluagh (1pt) to having no mouth at all (4pts).

Show-off (2pt Flaw)
It might have been in a past life you were a member of the Abbey Lubbers of Buttery Spirits, or it might be a whim that you have whenever a group is around, but for some damned reason you can't help but showing off whenever a situation arises. Whether it's adding a little oomph to your cantrips, boasting of your skills, or even bending the Right of Ignorance and revealing your fae nature to people. Whenever a situation arises that you would try to show off your stuff, you must spend a point of willpower to try to temporarily negate effects for a scene. You are also more likely to spend an extra point of glamour to fuel your cantrips, though not necessarily all the time.

Stench of Decay (3pt Flaw)
While most sluaghs have a slight odor of decay about them, you smell like you washed in raw sewage. This causes many of your kithain friends to gag whenever around you and social gatherings usually clear out once you've arrived, although flies do seem to like you a lot. All Social rolls are at + 2 difficulty with any changeling or chimera, including other sluagh.