This art was written by Ryan Carden, quite possibly the best Eshu player ever. If anyone should write the Eshu kithbook its this man.

An ancient and rare art practiced almost exclusivly by Eshu, it was common in Pre- Shattering times.

Base Attribute: Dexterity
Level 1: Tracelessness
This art was originally designed for the deserts, but has proved to work just as well in any terrain. Once cast, this art allows the target to move effortlessly over any sort of terrain without leaving any tracks, or indeed, any evidence they were there. If the target jumped into a bramble bush, he might be cut and scraped, but none of his blood would spill and the bushes would look undisturbed. If the target were a car stuck in the mud, the car would no longer be trapped. If the target were someone fleeing across a desert, they would quickly outdistance their pursuers as they moved with no difficulty while those chasing them were slowed by the sands. The realm used for this cantrip is the same as the target and it lasts ten minutes per success.
Effect: Wyrd

Level 2: Dust Cloud
This cantrip conjures a cloud of dust around a target (the realm used). The cloud rises at the beginning of the round after the cantrip is cast. It lasts 2 rounds for each success rolled and spreads 5' per success. The cloud is difficult to see through (+3 diff to all sight-related Perception rolls, and a +1 diff to all melee attacks), and difficult to breathe in (+1 diff to all physical tasks unless the person is holding their breath).
Effect: Wyrd

Level 3: Zephyr's Hand
This cantrip conjures a warm, forceful wind that can manipulate objects, attack a person or even flip a switch. The wind cannot, however, do fine manipulations, such as operating a computer or drive a car. If using this cantrip as an attack, the damage is NOT aggravated. The range is the equivalent of line of sight and has a strength equal to the half the number of successes. The caster can use this cantrip for a number of rounds equal to the number of successes. The caster can even use this cantrip to fly, albeit slowly (if 4 or more successes are rolled), for short periods of time. However, the use of this cantrip (but not the caster) is very obvious, especially if the wind tries to pick someone's pocket.
Effect: Wyrd

Level 4: Typhoon of Fire
When invoked, the caster conjuring a burning, spinning typhoon cloud of sand that tears into an opponent. The damage is aggravated and incredibly difficult to heal, due to the sand getting inside the skin and infecting wounds. The damage is equal to the number of successes and armor dice are reduced to half (rounded down) for soaking purposes. Also, in addition the victim suffers double wound penalties as the sand itches and tears him as he moves. This effect lasts until the wounds are fully healed or the wounds are cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning the wounds can be difficult as well, since they are are usually covering the target's whole body. The realm used is equal to the target (using it on a Changeling would be Fae, a human would be actor). One might not think that this art is useful against machinery, on one hand that is correct, Typhoon of Fire won't do more than strip the paint off a tank or even a car. But it is extremely likely that the particles will get into the machine, clogging it and causing it to break down.
Effect: Wyrd

Level 5: Body of Breeze
When this cantrip is cast, the victim (and all his possessions if Prop is used in conjunction) turns into a puff of warm air. The person has complete control over his body, and it's shape and volume, but cannot interact with others or use other cantrips. Someone using this cantrip is the ultimate spy as they can get into any place not hermetically sealed or Weaver Warded. The caster can still use three of his five senses (touch and taste excluded) when in Body of Breeze. The only possible danger of this cantrip is being sucked into a vacuum, and even then, the container would burst as soon as the cantrip ended, while the trapped individual would come out unharmed. This cantrip lasts 10 minutes per success.
Effect: Wyrd

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