It has come to my attention that lots of gamers out there don't like Changeling. Now if you're on this page, then you know at least something worthwhile about Changeling and almost all of who actually do play regularly are diehard about it. We love this game. It is a beautiful, wonderful, world in which we are able to write and play out fantastic stories. Sadly, I have noticed that some Changeling players and worse yet Storytellers miss some of the really important aspects of Changeling and what it's all really about. In fact, I was in a gaming shop one day and met a girl gamer (a rareity where I'm from). We chatted and I found out that she was running a Changeling game. I was interested in her chronicle, of course. We traded info about our various stories and such and I come to find out that she does not allow players to be Unseelie. Now, I'm not some big Unseelie crazy person or firmly believe that the Seelie suck. I think that they are two sides of the same coin, and this is something that I try to pass on to my players. I allow players to be Seelie or Unseelie. I usually find it preferable to at least have somewhat of a balance between the two courts in any party, but if you really want to be Unseelie, I'm certainly not going to tell you "no." Storytellers usually do something like this because of one of the biggest misconceptions about this game, namely that Seelie does not imply Good, and Unseelie does not imply Evil. All of you seasoned gamers out there can vouch that a Seelie Duke can be one hell of a cuckhead if he wants to, but it's all in the name (and interest) of the court and the Dukedom, of course.

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