This art was submitted by Cavan, a Canadian changeling player.

Although used by the sidhe recently returned to the mortal world, commoners have named this art, due to the use of it against them to establish a foothold. Radiance is based on the use of an aura to attract and distract, allowing control over many. Although it is a straight foward idea, many changelings have quickly realized the vast power and far reaching potential for all realms that this art holds.

Base Attribute: Appearance

Level 1: Hold the stand
The time of war is at hand, and like it or not, every changeling (and those they associate with) is involved in the struggle. But there are those who arent used to the battlefield, and this art helps hold them fast to do the job they need to do.
The realms define the targets. Fae seems common, but actor and nature are strong runners up in the fight to keep allies at ones side. Scene can be used, with successes being divided evenly. Each success adds one automatic success to help resist fear or intimidation effects. This gives nonsentient chimera a greater chance of overcoming such emotions where normally the odds would be slim. Although members of house Fiona might not benifit directly from this art, they do love the idea of troops willing to actually follow them in their crazed battle
Effect: Chimerical

Level 2: Elfin Might
This art follows the example of something that comes as second nature to the sidhe, namely the ability of overwhelming the instinct of those whom oppose them with the "awe and beauty" birthright. With this art, the caster may weave glamour around the subjects, making them more resistant to enemies.
The art defines which object or person you wish to protect. Scene can be used, but succeses must be divided evenly. With a single success the caster give the target or targets the aura, making any opponent forced to roll willpower against a difficulty of (4) to attack it. Sidhe, having a natural affinity for this due to the fact it stems from their birthright have the base set at (5). Each further success adds on to the base, to a max of +4. With enough successes few opponents could hope to attack the subject. Smart users have cast this on young wards or priceless objects to guard against ill feelings of those they face. The power protects againt ALL those who approach it. It functions in all respects to the awe and beauty birthright, but only for this purpose. It in no way adds additional appearance or lowers social difficulties. The effects last for one scene.
Effect: Wyrd

Level 3: Snap To (Wake the Slumbering)
This art might seem simple at first, but only to a novice at the magic of the fae. Snap To is the the use of waking up ones comrades to fight at a moments notice. At least that is what is was developed for, but when applied to different Realms, this arts true power and versatility begin to show through. One must be careful in using this art as sometimes its effects are more far reaching and dangerous then they might first appear. Even slumbering ghosts and spirits can be roused with it. With enough effort, even changeling souls may be rewakened from the comas caused from chimerical death.
Almost ANY realm may be combined with this art, and in fact thats the point. Time is most useful when cast upon oneself, as it acts an alarm clock. When cast upon an object with prop this can rouse any wraith in their fetter tring to slumber for corpus, or any spirit filled artifact made by mages. The same goes for Inanimae in their anchors. This will NOT stop possesions, as those bodies are still active. Waking up those around you comes at a price, as sleep deprivation still lingers. When woken with a single success subjects suffer a -4 die penalty to all actions, decreasing by one for every turn after that as the bodies become more aware. With every success in addtion from the casting this penalty is lessened. Those with the merit "light sleeper" half the penalty to be awakened. When trying to awake changelings from chimerically caused comas or vampires in torpor (what ARE you trying?) the successes must add up to the banality of the sleeper, or (11 - path rating/humanity) for the vampire. Even more clever changelings have awakened viruses left in computers, or even inactive volcanoes. Of course the latter was followed by a liberal use the Time realm.
Effect: Wyrd

Level 4: Vertigo
The application of this power is truely where the art got its name from. A sickening feeling comes over those effected, disorienting them to their knees.
The realm is almost always Fae, Actor or Nature, although Scene can be used to effect multiple targets with an even distribution of successes. Each success gives a one die penalty to all actions made by the target, lasting one round for every two successes rounding up. In addtion, all movement rates are slowed to half unless the target succeeds at a Perception and Alertness roll (difficulty equaling 4 plus the successes rolled) due to the stomach turning disorientation.
Effect: Wyrd

Level 5: Gather the Crop
]The ultimate power of this art is one unforseen by the returning sidhe (as they could not have used it in the dreaming), but one that they could now not do without. By drawing up all the beauty of the inner soul of the dreaming inside of the changeling, she can now attract ambient glamour to her. The caster can turn any site that is suitable (deemed worthy by the story teller) into a glade for one night. With even harder concentration and personal sacrifice a place may be turned into a freehold for just as long.
There is a few caveats though. Firstly, the site can only be used for this power for one night a week, and after that a new place must be found. Secondly, any one with even the slightest gift of magical sense (kenning, awareness, auspex etc) can tell that something is happening to the glamour in the area. Thirdly, the rules of the glade (or freehold) must be followed. The first to sleep in a glade gets the whole bundle, and the freehold can only support twice its rating in successes. More then a few unseelie have used Snap To to wake those in the artifical glade so they may get the reward while the disoriented try to muddle through what happened.
It goes without saying that this kind of slap together glade/freehold can not be reaped by any means to get MORE glamour out of it, although daredevil mages can certainly try to steal what has been collected in the first place.
An alternate power exists for places where glamour has already gathered. This power stabilizes glamour, making it maleable to the changeling. When used in places where glamour is the prevaliant force, it instead readies the other half of a changeling, namely the body and human mind. This alternate power helps prevent Bedlam from taking over or further corrupting a changelings mind, although it is in no way a cure OR an absolute solution.
The system is simple. When using Gather the Crop to make a temporary glamour source Scene is the only appropriate realm to make a freehold, and it must be large enough to hold all those who wish to partake of the glamour. To make the freehold one must expend a point of PERMANENT glamour. To feed an army, sacrifices must be made. The freehold gives out one glamour point to every person there up to twice its rating. Any excess glamour is WASTED. Nature Realm must be used to make a gladestone (or other suitable power point), and gives one point of glamour per success to the first person to dream there. This use costs one point of temporary glamour. When used to protect oneself from glamours powerful effects on the mind, on point of glamour must be spent, the target being the realm being used. The effects will cancel out the effects of being under constant effects of glamour of the "checklist" although any other points on the list will remain.The effects last for one night for every success past the required level on the table below.

1 success: Protects to mind when in a freehold
2 successes: When in a rath or on a trod
3 successes: In a Near Dreaming realm
4 successes; In any Far Dreaming realm
5 successes: The deepest of dreamrealms

Effect: Wyrd

Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown