Collected Oaths

Here are all of the Oaths as of 5/26/01

Oath of the Accepted Burden - Both swearer and swearee gains a point of temporary Willpower. Breaking it loses both 3 Willpower.
"Lay down your burden that I might take it up.
The road is long, and I swear I shall bear it for you, until all roads end.
I shall , else may the road cease to lie beneath my feet."

Oath of Adoption - (Kithbook: Trolls pg. 40)
"As the sea to the river, as the tree to the seed,
as the mountain to the stone, so do I now recognize you to me.
From this day forward, you are of my blood,
of my family and of my hold.
I swear to offer you my wisdom, my love and my regard,
for you will carry my name and my memory when I am no more.
Should I abandon you, I abandon myself.
It fills my heart to call you (son/daughter).

As the river to the sea, as the seed to the tree,
as the stone to the mountain, so do I know recognize myself in you.
From this day forward,
I am of your blood, your family and your hold.
I swear to offer you my respect, my devotion and my love,
for you offer me a home where I have none.
Should I abandon you, I consign myself to lonliness.
It fills my heart to call you (mother/father)."

Oath of the Clasped Hands - Gain 1 Perm WP, but lose 2 if broken.
(Spoken in Unison, to form an Oathcircle)
"Blood for blood, bone for bone, life for life,
until only we stride the earth.
My life is in your hands, my blood is in your veins.
Hold me well and I will lend you my strength;
Break your bond and may we both perish.
Friendship I swear to you,
an Oath of clasped hands and shared hearts."

Oath of the Crossed Blades - One point of Willpower is traded for Glamour, and all rolls involving the enemy are at -1 difficulty. Breaking it loses a Permanent point of Willpower, and a pair of scars are put on the swearer's cheeks.
"Where two stand there will be one.
I swear enmity unto thee until the setting of the last sun.
May my heart cease to beat and my hand lose it's strength
should I ever show favor to thee,
and the bones of the earth are my witness."

Oath of Fealty - [Requires 1 Permenant point of Willpower] diffs of resistance rolls vs. control other than by the liege are lowered by 2. Breaking this oath causes the loss of 3 Willpower points. Betrayal can cause blindness.
"I swear fealty unto you, (ruler).
Your command is my desire, and your request my desire.
May my service always please, and may my sight grow dark if it does not.
As the tides to the moon, my will to yours, my liege."

Oath of Guardianship - Failing this one binds the swearer never to sleep in the same bed for a century.
"As the sun guards the earth by day,
as the stars by night, so shall I serve Thee.
This my duty I shall not abandon (object) until (duration),
else may the stars close their eyes and sleep."

Oath of the Long Road - Gain 1 permenant point of Glamour and 1 permenant point of Willpower until done. Dire consequences for failure and worse for abandonment.
"I swear that I shall or lose my honor,
that I shall or lay down my sword,
that I shall or Dream no more.
You and the sky are my witnesses, so may it be."

Oath of Loyal Affirmation (War in Concordia pg. 35) - those who take this Oath gain the 4pt Flaw: Oathtaken found on pg. 119 in WiC.
"As the sun guards the day,
as the moon and the stars watch by night,
as the earth upholds the natural order,
so do I guard, watch and support my rightful lord or lady.
Let weakness of eye and ear and limbs claim me if I fail to remain true to the chosen protector of the Dreaming,
and let the Dreaming itself forswear me if i renege in my promise to serve those in authority over me.
My hand to your service, my heart to your cause,
my very soul to your will in all things!
This I so swear."

Oath of Noblesse Oblige - Requires 1 temporary point of Glamour to make a chimerical gold coin. It must accepted to be valid. Failing this Oath gains the Oathbreaker a Perm Banality. Abiding by it gains the Oathkeeper to gain an extra Willpower/week.
"I take you as my vassal. You are of my house, even as the very stones.
I pledge to hold you, to guard you, and to keep you.
I pledge to honor your service as it deserves, and to reward loyalty in kind.
As the moon to the seas below, my will to yours. I pledge the Escheat to you."

Oath of Truehearts - Gain an additional point of Glamour from any Rapture invloving both of the swearers. If broken, a songbird will be visible to all Kithain, plus both gain a Perm Banality.
"I shall give a gift of myself to thee.
Take it freely, freely is it offered, and until (duration) comes,
thou, (object) shalt have me in thy keeping.
I swear love unto you and pledge you my troth.
May those who watch over love watch over this oath and those who keep it,
and may we never find fault in their eyes."

Satyr Oath of the Truehearts(Kithbook: Satyrs pg. 25) - If the Oath is taken solo then a ring appears on the Satyr's finger visible to only themselves and the object of the Oath. If the Oath is kept then the Satyr gains an additonal point of Glamour from an Rapture she particpates in. If they break the Oath the ring tarnishes and is visible to all fae and the ring finger turns green, the Satyr also gains a point of Perm Banality. If the oath is sworn together than it functions just like the normal Oath of the Truehearts (see above).
"Let the moon and the stars be my witness as I pledge you my love.
I shall hold you in my heart with the passion of a thousand suns.
Roam though I may, I shall always return to you and let no other remove your memory from me.
You are my true love and so shall you stay, no matter where my destiny takes me."

The Oath of the Undoing - (The Autumn People pg.) The most foul and dark oath known to the Fae (at least today), calling for the extermination of another Fae soul. Oath takers beware.
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
No slight shall go unnoticed, no wound unavenged.
I shall hunt my undying enemy, [name of enemy],
to the four corners of the Earth,
and I shall not rest until either I or my enemy is fully undone.
I shall do everything in my power to reduce my enemy to nothing,
and to less than nothing, with a keen iron blade."

Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown