Nunnehi Revisited

The Nunnehi were once Changelings like the Kithain. They were created from the dreams of the native peoples of the Americas. (The following also applies to the Menehune) They prospered and in every way were similar to the Kithain in Europe. They Mused and Ravaged their people's dreams in the same ways as the Kithain did. The Shattering occurred later in the Americas for the Nunnehi but they could feel it coming and had some more time to prepare than the Kithain of Europe. However they did not understand what had caused this great cataclysm across the great ocean, the belief of their people was still strong. SO few returned to the Happy Hunting Grounds. They did however at this point begin to undergo the Changeling Way as taught to them by the few Kithain (Nordic Trolls early on and later a few Sidhe and their subjects) who had traveled to the Americas to escape the Shattering. Soon all of the Nunnehi had undergone the Changeling Way. This was fortunate for them. Soon the white men came to their land.

With the white men came the European Commoners. They weren't as understanding as their early counter parts and the Commoners did not uphold the pacts that the early Sidhe had made with the native people. Soon the Native people that the Nunnehi drew their dreams from began to suffer at the hands of the European colonists. With such a radical culture clash the dream that had brought them into existence began to die. The Nunnehi would all be extinct today if it were not for an evolutionary step taken by them as a race near this point. They knew that soon their dream would die and the cold fist of banality would swallow their souls forever.

The Nunnehi had always had very close ties to Nature and understood that there was another world beyond the mortal one that was not the Dreaming. This was not their world and they left it to the inhabitants who belonged there. There is some speculation as to whether or not the Dreamspeakers had anything to do with what happened next but it is very likely. The Native American Dreamspeakers had always had very good relations with the beings that were created from the very dreams of their people. The Nunnehi issued a great plea of help for surely they would not survive. The very trees and rocks heard this plea. It was the great Totem spirits of the Umbra who answered. They took the Nunnehi in to their own. They gifted them with the ability to draw Glamour (medicine) from the natural world. They became patrons of the Nunnehi and this is how the Nunnehi came to have Totem Spirits. The Totems also gave the Nunnehi the ability to enter the Umbra. They were soon gifted with an art that allowed them to interact with the spirits that lived there.

This is how the Nunnehi survived and still continue to. They protect their Glades and hold on to the last bits of the dream that created them.

Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown