Middlemarch Redcaps

The lost tribe of redcaps that were trapped behind the defeat of their formorian masters at the end of the War of Trees. Lost from their foes but still kithmates these redcaps evolved like the rest of the adhene. Although the most feared and infamous of adhene redcaps do in fact inhabit the battlefields of Middlemarch, adhene redcaps occupy large portions of the dream realms on the other side of the silver ban. They have fought countless battles across every imaginable landscape murdering, looting, raping, and pillaging the darkest and lightest corners of the dreaming. They have deep driving hunger that compels them through the dreaming devouring anything in their paths. They range from solitary hunters to soldiers and generals of vast armies. With their formorian masters stirring and beginning to gather their forces against the bastard children of the tuatha many redcaps swarm to once again march underneath the red court's flags. Many others resent their former masters and have been functioning just fine since the imprisonment of their masters. Many are curious about their kithain cousins. Some are eager to meet them and some still remember the wars they fought them in.

Middlemarch Redcaps are simply bigger, badder, tougher, scarier, eat-your-fuckin-face nastier than kithain redcaps. For the most part they are taller, stronger, hairier, and uglier. However, adhene redcaps are old and some of them have evolved to survive in whatever dream realm they wound up inhabiting but these are rarer. Most adhene redcaps are soldiers, roughly seventy-five percent of the redcaps are soldiers to the great armies of the dream realms. Marching and clashing fist, sword, and tooth against everything from mythic dream beasts to simply another great army of themselves under another banner.

In the dreaming redcaps are used to the gossamer nature of the glamour that exists all around them creating everything they experience. Upon entering the autumn world they experience a solidness that they are unused to. They are uncomfortable with the density of the banal ridden world of the mortal realm. Its so thick it confines them they feel it pushing in around them attempting to suffocate them out of existence, so they eat. Somehow they instinctively know how to deal with banality, like so many other problems a redcap faces they eat it. Almost as if they could eat the banality of the world, take it into themselves and leave nothing left but the dreaming. Because of this adhene redcaps in the autumn world must eat almost constantly. Otherwise they begin to feel confined and trapped and can break into a feeding frenzy of rage trying to devour anything they can get their hands on to escape and feed their endless hunger. Through force of will, a redcap can stave off their hunger but they can never do it for long eventually they must eat.


*Dioniae- The majority of middlemarch redcaps are in their dioniae aspect at all times. Since redcaps embody the primitive drives of the psyche most redcaps exist personifying the very concepts of bloodlust, hunger, lust, and destruction. These are the large violent redcaps and the most common.

*Araminae- Redcaps in this aspect are more human, with personalities more varied and complicated. Still driven by their baser desires but able to exist in other states. They have an easier time tempering their rage. While seemingly more under control this makes them only more unpredictable.

*Apolliae- The redcaps who live in this aspect see their higher selves as pure destructive spirit force. They consider themselves holy forces of cosmic entropy. These redcaps are least manlike and a very rare few are rumored to have dream devolved into shapeless all consuming vortices achieving great power by consuming all in its path. This is told in redcap stories but there are no documented accounts of a redcap actually becoming such a thing or returning from such a state.

Affinity: Fae


Acheri- They have their uses; nothing can decimate the enemy like a good plague. They also see themselves as forces of nature like us but we are swift pure entropy whereas they are a pestilence slow and suffering.
Aonides- We don't know much about the muses. Most of them are already in the autumn world so I hear. They have their place in the dreaming inspiring mortals and our paths don't often cross.
Fir-Bholg- We fought alongside the Fir-Bholg on during the Terraskonta and many of us continue to do so still. You will find many of our kind under their banner. They are wise generals, great warriors, and powerful creatures of the dream. They rank in the few we respect.
Fuaths- Our paths cross with the Fuaths in the dark wilds of the dreaming but you don't find them on the battlefield as much. They are vicious in battle and contain much rage like us.
Keremet- They are not part of the dream but twisted slaves who serve the bastard tuatha. Their business is of great importance to the bastard sidhe, kill them on site.
Moirae- They are strange and powerful. Heed their warnings and avoid direct confrontations with the fates at all costs. We know that Dān is not something that can be devoured.
Naraka- We have seen them on the battlefields of the dreaming and saw them before their change. They are something new now and if anything more dangerous and powerful than before. They see themselves as forces of destruction like ourselves so we relate to them but unlike us they do not know why they destroy. There is a giant vortex in the sky of their old homeland that devours anything that comes near it. Needless to say this is of great interest to many of us. Some have made the journey but have never been heard from again.
Autumn Redcaps- One of the first things we did when we regained entry to the autumn world was to look up our kithain cousins. They are like us but weak and diluted from their time in the mortal realm. Most respect us for our power and some see in us our kith's former dark glory. Those that have not been completely brainwashed by their tuathaan companions can be allies; they know the mortal world and can help us adjust to life there. Few seem to care for their sidhe rulers. They may have turned their backs on their fathers but they are still family.
Changelings- Worthless fools, the lot of them. Weak and feeble from banality's cold grip on their souls they are shadows of their power we saw during the great war. In spite of this they have survived well in the harsh conditions of the mortal world and many of them look to us for an alternative to the sidhe who in many of their eyes have failed them.
Humanity- Food. Whether it is their dreams or their meat, they are still prey. Perhaps the only thing more delicious than their flesh is their terror.


Hunger's Gift: Adhene redcaps all gain an additional 4 dots to spend in their Physical Attributes during character creation they can take a attribute to a maximum of 7.
Bully Browbeat: Middlemarch redcaps are just as intimidating as their kithain cousins are. This birthright functions the same.
Dark Appetite: This birthright basically functions as their kithain cousins, it's just nastier. Adhene redcaps tend to have rows of razor sharp hard as steel shark teeth lining their gruesome mouths. Adhene redcap bites do an additional die of damage making them do Str+3 damage.


Hungers Curse: While in the autumn world adhene redcaps are ravenously hungry. They must be eating nonstop when they are awake and will often wake up hungry several times in a night if sleeping. A redcap can spend a point of willpower to not need to eat for a single scene. When the redcap runs out of willpower they will grow more and more uncomfortable and agitated until they lose control and begin grabbing anything in site to devour it. There is virtually no way to withstrain a frenzying redcap other than by feeding it or killing it. Adhene redcaps are easy to tell from their kithain cousins they are the ones CONSTANTLY eating never stopping.
Bad Attitude: No one likes a redcap, even if they are from middlemarch. This frailty functions the same.

Quote: KILL THEM KILL THEM ALL. Tonight men we will feast upon the bones of our fallen enemies. The rivers will run red with the blood of those who oppose us. I will toast to you a goblet of our foes hearts made from the skull of their leader by the end of this night! CHARGE!!!

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