Life Link

Changeling Flaw (4 Point Flaw) or Chimera Bane (5 Chimera Point Bonus)

This rede joins a fae and a chimera. An Oath or a Geas or some other powerful magick has bound them. If either of the creatures is ever killed the other dies as well. They do not take damage when the other does but they do take the wound penalties. If the chimera has more or less Health Levels than seven than use a ratio. If the chimera is killed than the fae immediately suffers chimerical death. If the fae is killed the chimera is killed permanently on account of not being fae and having a mortal shell or being immortal like the fae. A fae who suffers chimerical death in this manner takes two points of permanent Banality, one for his death and another for the chimera. The Link does not confer any special abilities between the two beings. (no looking through each other's eyes and all that). The fae when reawakened from the coma will feel an empty place in their sol until they pass on to the next life.

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