Kenning Sonar

The device amplifies a Changeling's natural sense of Kenning. The most common form (although devices such as these are far from common) of the device is a pair of headphones and a radar screen. The Changeling "listens" to pings bouncing off of the nearby chimerical landscape and objects and gets a relatively (depending on number of succs) clear picture of his/her surroundings. The device is invaluable aboard chimerical submersibles exploring the undersea depths of the Dreaming. Conventional radar fails miserably in the Dreaming.

Also, different chimerical objects give off different sounds. The Sidhe tend to sound different then commoners although the device is not capable of determining House or Title. Trolls are easily recognizable due to their size alone. Treasures can also be detected by the nature of glamour that they radiate. FUBARs are also extremely easily detectable. Using the device takes training to understand the different signals and patterns. A Player may take the Kenning specialty: Sonar. A ship's defenses can easily be estimated using this device from a safe underwater distance. Any FUBAR powered energy weapons located on the vessel are easily noticed as are the relative number of crewmembers. The crewmember's various kiths can even be determined with enough successes.

Downsides to the technology are the high chance of deafness that occurs if the user happens to be using the device when the ship is hit by an energy weapon. The user will need to soak the damage that the weapon would normally inflict if he had been hit by it, however the character soaks with his permanent Glamour rating. If the character takes more "damage" than his permanent Banality score the character will be thrust into the 1st threshold of Bedlam by the overwhelming influx of amplified Glamour. The character will also lose his sense of hearing and Kenning for an appropriate amount of time (left up to ST). Less and the character will still suffer hearing and Kenning loss but will not enter Bedlam.

The other danger that comes with using the device occurs when entering and exiting trods and crossing the boundaries between the Autumn World and each layer of the Dreaming. The device can be adjusted to a suitable level per area that the submersible is in at the time. Basically what this means is that when passing through a gate into a trod or through a rath the operator needs to "turn down" the device. Its like what happens when you change TV channels to a channel that has really high sound from a channel that has low sound. The sudden jolt can impair the users Hearing and Kenning as well. This side effect can easily be avoided by not being on head set during the shift or making the appropriate dial adjustments as the shift occurs. Basically just don't forget.

Sluagh with their lowered Perception difficulties make exceptional Sonar Operators.

The Player rolls Perc + Kenning to use the device. Any player with the Kenning specialty Sonar or Perception specialties concerning sound such as Keen Hearing may reroll tens. The device adds 3 dice to the characters normal Kenning rating.

System : Perc + Kenning (+3) diff 7 (if trained) diff 9 (if not)

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