A Brief Primer on the Formorians

(first off the Fomori from werewolf and the Fomorians are two completly different things. Werewolf came out first and called dibs on the name.There is no canon relationship tohugh.)


back when man first lived in nomadic tribes in caves and around camp fires they began to tell stories to one another and mankind's dreams finally began to take shape. They we primitive people concerned about survival, food, sex, and other basic primal urges. From this primal collective unconcious the Formorians were first given form. They were massive creatures of pure dream power, all storm and fury with the power of the elements at their command. First came the Green Court which is believed to have been created perhaps before man was even man as we know him. Some say that it is not the dream of man at all but something older than that. The dream of life itself, the dream of surviving and increasing in number at all cost. It is an alien dream that modern man cannot fathom, it is the deepest darkest part of our primal natures. Next came the Red Court full of violence and hatred and bloodlust. The urge to kill is one of the most basic urges. kill or be killed. Finally came the White Court. It represents the beginings of intellectual evil. Killing not for the sake of killing but for the pleasure of doing it. Torture and deceit. It is the most human of all the courts.

When man began to create civilization its dream changed. Man became more evolved and began to learn and strive for loftier ideals than primal urges. It created concepts like love and honor and beauty. These dreams formed the Tuatha de Dannan. As civiliation and enlightnement grew so grew the power of the Tuatha and everntually there wasnt enough room in the Dremaing for both the Ancient Formorians and the Tuatha. Both the Formorians and Tuatha learned to harness the power of the Dreaming and create on their own without the aid of man. The created children in their own image. This is the birth of the Adhene and Kithian.

When it was time for War the adhene and the kithian had to choose sides. some followed choose to follow their forebeares and some changed sides so fight agaisnt their masters. The Terreskonta on the War of Trees (depending on who you ask) was fought and tore the very fabric of the dreaming and the mortal world alike apart. In the end the Tuatha were triumphant and the rest i think you all know.

i hope this has been helpful


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