Special thanks to Greg Plunket for his help with this revision.

Rouse the Elements Revised

The Nunnehi Tribe of the Numuzo'ho that can be found in the Changeling Players Guide (pg. 136-137) have this really powerful Birthright called Rouse the Elements. Now if you dont know who the Numuzo'ho are, they are...um...big. These guys put Trolls to shame. Their Frailtiy, Weight of Years, doesnt even effect them until they become Grumps. When they do they lose a limb. Their other Birthright, Extraordinary Size, gives them 2 additional dots in both Str and Sta (even if it goes beynd 5). That's not all though folks! They also cannot botch a Sta roll and automatically soak one level of damage from every blow that strikes them. Yeah so we decided to put a little cap on these guys.

Rouse the Elements allows the Nunnehi to create a localized natural disaster in a five-mile radius from their chosen center. They can only so this four times a month. Heres the cap: The Nunnehi spends a point of Glamour and Willpower and then rolls Glamour difficulty 7. For every success they gain they take that many Levels in Wound Penalties. The ST determines what effect the successes have and what damage is dealt to those caught in the disturbance. We figured making an earthquake would take a little out of a guy. These are only Wound Penalties and the worst that can happen is they pass out at Incap from Wound Penalties.

special thanks to Ian "Fists of Ham" West

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