Dark Indigestion- 6pt Redcap Merit

Redcaps who have been gifted with Dark Indigestion have developed their birthright one step further. Not only can they consume anything but certain things eaten enable a redcap to spew some sort of breath weapon according to what they have eaten, for one turn. For instance a redcap who devours a small refrigerator would be able to blast a huge cloud of cold from its mouth, or swallowing a beaker of acid, or swallowing a bucket of nails.

This merit is obviously subject to high ST discretion and every situation would be different depending on what was eaten. The redcap is allowed to emit one attack per one consumption. The attack requires only the point of glamour the redcap already has to pay to consume autumn objects. The redcap rolls Dex + Brawl diff 7. The amount and kind of damage depends on what was eaten by the redcap and is up to ST discretion. (HINT: only give this merit to experienced role-players to keep it from being abused)

special thanks to Chris Black for thinking this one up

Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown