Alternate Damage Rules

My groups have been using these rules for a long time now. We never thought that it made any sense that the person who gets six successes to hit can do the same amount of damage as someone who only got one. This way, having a high Dex, Melee, and Brawl enables you to still do decent damage even if you have a crappy strength. The emphasis is on the skill of the fighter instead of their brute strength. These rules function for Brawl, Firearms, and Melee rolls. They do not function on magical attacks such as Holy Strike.

When the "To-Hit" roll is made, for every success made over three they gain that many more dice to roll on their damage roll. These bonus dice represent a really well placed hit. These dice are rolled separatly from the normal damage pool. Any ones rolled on the bonus dice can cancel out only successes from the bonus pool. They do NOT cancel out base damage successes.

(Example: Denuil Elebrin ap Fiona, Master Swordsman, has a Dex of 4 and a Melee of 5. He rolls to hit and gets 4 successes including specialties. Now he rolls damage which is base Str(3)+his weapon(5) and then 1 bonus dice and gets 4 successes on the base dice and then 1 successes on his bonus dice giving him a total of 5 damage. If he had rolled a one on his bonus dice it would not have canceled out any of his base damage successes. The point is you should not get punished for having lots of dice or hitting well which sometimes happens in the the WW system.

This helps alleviate the one of the major flaws in the WW combat system, which is the fact that with every additional die you are rolling, the potential for canclleing out your successes gets exponentially higher.

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