this is the missing text from Book of Lost Houses: The Second Coming. courtesy of Chris Howard

We have a mixed relationship with our fellow sidhe. They are blood-of-our-blood and we have no grudge against them as such. On the other hand, our beliefs have long ago put us in an adversarial relationship with most houses.

The Seelie Court
We were once affiliated with this court and even now most of us are more sympathetic to Seelie sensibilities. On the other hand, recent Seelie domination of the Autumn fae has caused an unhealthy imbalance in the Dreaming — one we will soon rectify.

House Beaumayn
Fellow prophets and wanderers of the French countryside, we have been both allied and at odds with this house, but never enemies. They were apparently imprisoned while in Arcadia. Like us, they now share the enmity of the other houses; we must learn more of this.

House Dougal
Those of House Dougal are our superiors in matters of crafting; we acknowledge these skills, but little else. They are honorable and may be approached as such on an individual basis, though Balor spies in their ranks make this a dicey proposition. As a house, they are far too invested in supporting House Gwydion. Until this changes, we are unlikely to be friends.

House Eiluned
House Eiluned nearly rivals us in divination and surpasses us in other magics, but the Mists cloud their motives. At least they have a healthier view than most of their faerie nature vis-à-vis the courts and do not let one philosophy blind them.

House Fiona
We find you Fiona as admirable as you are puzzling, as honorable as you are beguiling. I speak with all due affection, but it has always been our perception that House Fiona loves the common fae without fully respecting them. If you did, how could you continue to rule them? Nevertheless, we value our Fiona allies, even if you don’t always recognize us as such.

House Gwydion
How can sidhe so individually noble and heroic be so timid and vacillating as a house? At first glance you might think that we would get along quite well with the Falcon House; we are both warrior clans and loathe to retreat from any challenge. Despite, or perhaps because of these similarities, however, we have been locked in a death dance from nearly the beginning. While we may aid and even befriend them individually, we no longer recognize their right to rule.

House Liam
This marginal family of outcasts is quite possibly the most worthy of the Seelie houses, despite their inexplicable insistence on holding onto the failed feudal system of the past. They have suffered the other nobles’ contempt with honor and decorum, and have defended us more than once. We gladly render them aid, if for no other reason than it annoys the other houses.

The Unseelie Court
We see the Unseelie nobility as no more worthy or unworthy than the sidhe of the Summer Court. We have gained a certain currency within their schemes and, in order to further our own designs, the Unseelie among us occasionally work with them. Then again, there are influential members of the Shadow Court who seem hell-bent on selling out their vaunted freedom in return for power…

House Aesin
Haughty, earthy, cruel and proud, this house embodies both the best and the worst of the Unseelie houses. Honorable and yet contemptuous of those they deem inferior, they nonetheless seem to have a fascination with us that stems from their Volva tradition. Their warriors are among the best I’ve seen and their Volvas approach our seers’ prophetic abilities.

House Ailil

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