Speical thanks to Greg Plunket for his help with this revision.

Aquis Revised

The Inanimae book made the Ondines out to be great healers, but they didn't get Healing Waters until level 5. So, let's move the levels around a little to have it make more sense.

O - Aura Perception
OO - Tempus Fugit
OOO - Healing Waters
OOOO - Hold (we did make a few adjustments to this one, bascially just clarifying the success effects)
1 success- a tiny amount (something traveling very slowly, a leaf falling)
2 successes - roughly bike speed
3 successes - a slow car, Celerity 2
4 successes - a fast car, Celerity 3-4
5 successes - real fast, Celerity 5- 100 mph
OOOOO - Friction

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