Anchors in the Dreaming

When an inanimae has a portable anchor (usually Krofted) this anchor can be taken via trod or rath into the Dreaming. This creates problems for the fae.

Changelings suffer from Bedlam because they aren't actually faeries anymore. They are part human name since the Banal Shiver is firmly entrenched in their souls. This half nature of mortal and fae creates what is known as Bedlam. It's when the mortal part of the fae is exposed to too much Glamour and can't take it. They go mad and progress through the three thresholds until reality rejects them completely and they disappear into the Dreaming.

Inanimae do not have mortal halves. Therefore they are immune to Bedlam. They actual spend most of their time in the Dreaming within their anchors. Their anchor in the real world is their source of stability. If this source is taken from the Autumn Realm into the Dreaming the Inanimae the Inanimae begins to suffer from Bedlam. I want to make a new word for inanimae-specific Bedlam. The ideas i came up with were:

a. a difficult or intricate situation; an entanglement.
b. a confused or complicated disagreement.
c. A confused heap; a tangle.

Saturnalia a. Saturnalia. The ancient Roman seven-day festival of Saturn, which began on December 17.
b. (used with a sing. verb) A celebration marked by unrestrained revelry and often licentiousness; an orgy.

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