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Some Lost Lore from the Lost House Aesin

Today I found a file with the very first version of my noble house for Changeling: The Dreaming. I think I went through six or seven or even more versions of the house before I ended up with the house that I sent off to Nicky and Jackie and which later went into print. The Second Coming: Book of Lost Houses was the book, and the house was Aesin. Anyway, here I present you with two secret societies that I never took out of draft and developed. Please, do not reprint this on the web without asking at first. Also, keep in mind that the following stuff is not official in any capacity whatsoever. (Permission granted at least to Beau Brown and Ian Watson.)

Without further ado, the notes on...

Secret Societies

Degoratory Description: The Balors
Trecherous, vengeful and feared among the Aesin, the Balors work through that which the other house-members despise most of all - manipulation and plotting. Headed by [Note: Name left out on purpose... "the secret's in the sauce"] the Serpents are steadily growing in power and influence. They desire nothing more than to overthrow the Unseelie rule and install [Note: Once again "the secret's in the sauce"], Rigall's long-lost heir, as single ruler over the reformed War Order. Some of the faerie souls in the society are of such age that they retain the old House power of transformation.

Slayers of Dark
These fae believes that the Dreaming can only heal when House Balor and those loyal to the Fomorians are vanquished. They are dangerous and should not be trusted at any cost (include the letter from Bjorn to Ragnelf). The Slayers will do anything it takes to succeed with their goals as long as it means that their enemy has been killed. They never use politics to defeat the others, they simply terminate them instead. Both men and women are allowed into the society but only after they have gone through extensive tests. Members of the society are all waiting for the day when they will cross paths with Balor, and their allies, again. Some slayers accuse, anyone that they feel is standing in their way, to be allied with the darkness. Without a doubt, most of the Slayers are insane, even to such degrees that some believe the humans to be allied with the Dark.

More Stuff
Early Aesin descriptions of...

House Gwydion - House of Truth
House Fiona - House of Passion
House Eiluned - House of Secrets
House Dougal - House of Creators
House Liam - House of God
House Scathach - House of Courage
House Ailil - House of Treachery
House Eiluned - House of Secrets
House Leanhaun - House of Sorrow
House Balor - House of Impurity

Update 11/11/03: More Aesin Stuff...

Since the reaction I've got via mails and chats have been positive, here's another piece of Aesin information. This section was never in the final version of the house outline (which predated actual writing by 7 months) to Nicky and Jackie.

House Boon: Those swearing the house oath receive the "The Ivaldi Blessing". As Aesin was thought the bow and arrow as well as the spear this has manifested itself in this house. Although they are peaceful there might come a time when arms are necessary. The blessing gives them a +2 difficulty concerning the use of bows and javelins as well as hunting. Each member also receives 2 extra dots in any knowledge even though it might raise the trait to 5.

If you only knew how different the Aesins were in my early notes... gosh... they are not the same fae. I wonder what happens with them (if they are even mentioned) in Time of Judgement next year. Haven't asked Pete about it because I know what it means to be bound by an NDA and then get a question about it from a friend who I know I can trust with the information. I won't put him through that. Besides, I have every confidence that Matt and Pete and Carrie will make the end of Changeling memorable!

More Aesin stuff you say? Well, sure...

Let's see...


House Curse: "The curse of Paganism". Because of the loss of the ancient Norse belifs the members of this house needs more glamour to survive. To be exact, they need to gather 15 temporary Glamour instead of 10, in order to achive a permanent point of Glamour.

Not enough? Well, ok then...let's take something from a later draft...a Treasure...

Brisinga-Gem: is the ancient necklace that allows its wearer to transform into a shining falcon. It is prophesied that the wearer of the necklace will sacrifice herself as she suffocate the darkness in the final battle.

Ok... that's enough for now.

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