This doctor's bag is the Wizard's Black Bag of magical items. It contains many of his alchemical potions and powders. It also contains a selection of other minor magical items.
(The items found in the bag can be anything a sorcerer could create with the Wizard's four dots in alchemy and a few other magical items to be left to the ST's discretion)

The Book of Recipes is a blue leather bound book that contains all of the alchemical recipes for the wonders that the Crooked Magician Dr. Pipt created in his time. The Current Wicked Witch of the East, Agatha, attempted to save the book when Ironheart sent his Cogs to kill Pipt. Pipt's house was destroyed. It is assumed that both he and his wife Margolotte were killed in the raid. It was found that the page containing the recipe for the Powder of Life was ripped out of the book and in the possession of the Winged Monkeys. Dr. Pipt's reason for giving the formula to the Winged Monkeys is unknown.
(The other recipes contained in the book are the Liquid of Petrifaction, and the Antidote of Petrifaction. The book contains many other alchemical and chimerical alchemy recipes that p to the ST.)

Brain Furniture is another of Dr. Pipt's creations. These various different colored powders are used as brains for creatures when brought to life with the Powder of Life. Examples include Obedience, Cleverness, Judgement, Courage, Ingenuity, Amiability, Learning, Truth, Poesy, and Self-Reliance
(A single dose of the different powders when used in conjunction with the Powder of Life will buy the chimera one free dot in the appropriate ability or attribute)

The Bubble Machine was built by the Wizard and it creates giant bubbles around people. The bubbles could be then commanded to take the inhabitants anywhere in Oz. The machine is quite large and may be located somewhere in the ruins of the Emerald City.
(The machine would require a Dex + Repairs roll difficulty 8 to operate. The machine must be set out in the open air so that the bubbles can travel. The bubbles will take their riders anywhere in Oz, place them gently on the ground and then pop)

The Golden Thread is actually more like very thin rope than thread. Glinda used the thread to capture Mombi after the Great Betrayal. Anyone or thing entrapped by the thread loses all magical abilities while held.
(The subject is targeted by whomever is trying to entrap them and then makes a Willpower roll with the difficulty being the Willpower of whoever is being trapped. If the roll is successful the thread reaches out and wraps itself around the target. The thread in effect creates an inversed Runic Circle centered on the target that is lassoed by the thread. The thread effectively blocks all magical abilities by whoever is trapped in the thread as if five successes were achieved on the Runic Circle casting. [Changeling Player's Guide pg 173])

The Great Book of Records is a great ledger belonging to Glinda the Good that chronicles all the events that occur everywhere as they occur in Oz. It is unknown whether or not Glinda is still in possession of the book or not. The book is a history of Oz since it's very beginning. The book seems to be very protective of it's secrets and writes them in riddles and sometimes apparent gibberish. Glinda has been the only one who has been able to decipher the book with regular success. The book also only contains the actions and events of sentient creatures in Oz. Non-sentient creatures seem to escape the books notice. Any information translated from the book and copied in any way shape or form will eventually be destroyed through some sort "accident" no matter what methods are used to try to avoid it's inevitable demise.)
(To gain knowledge from the book the subject rolls extended Int + Investigation rolls. At least 10 succs are required to be successful. After that the subject gets a single Int + Enigmas roll diff 9. If either any of these rolls fail the subject is unable to glean anything from the book and the book will refuse to allow the subject to gain any other information for the next week. If the subject botches any of the rolls the subject thinks they gained truthful information but in fact are not. The facts are mostly if not completely wrong.

Ozma used the The Magic Picture to view anything, anywhere, at anytime in Oz. The Magic Picture allows any that gaze into it see any place person or object they can name. The Magic Picture at one time allowed Ozma to view the Autumn World but that power has since disappeared since Oz shut itself off from the Autumn World by crossing the Vale of Mists. It is believed that Ironheart is now in possession of the Magic Picture.
(The Magic Picture mimics the Soothsay Art: Tattletale. The Magic Picture lowers the difficulty of the cantrip's roll by 3 and costs one point of Glamour to activate.)

Meat Glue was invented by the great Munchkin Nocker craftsman Ku-Klip, Meat Glue has the curious properties of being able to glue "meat people" (as they are referred to in Oz) back together. If any limb of an individual who is made of flesh is severed (ex they lose and arm etc) the glue can be used to safely reattach the limb.
(The applier of the glue makes an Int + Medicine roll and applies the glue. The if the roll is successful the limb is successfully reattached and the wound is closed. Meat Glue has no effect on any wound that does not involve severed limbs)

The Monkey Cap is a magical golden cap ringed with diamonds and rubies, which the previous Wicked Witch of the West used to command the Winged Monkeys. Whoever possesses the cap can only use it three times to command the The previous Wicked Witch of West originally used its power to create an army of monkeys to enslave the Winkies. She also used it to drive the Wizard out of Winkie Country, and to capture Dorothy and her friends. After killing the Witch, Dorothy used the cap to command the Winged Monkeys to return her and her friends to the Emerald City. On her second use, she tried to get the Monkeys to take her back to Kansas, but they cannot because they cannot travel out of the Lands of Oz. The cap is commanded by the following incantation. Ep-pe, Pep-pe, Kak-ke!, spoken while standing on the left foot. Hil-lo, Hol-lo, Hel-lo!, spoken while standing on the right foot. Ziz-zy, Zuz-zy, Zik!, spoken while standing on both feet. The cap is in the posession of the current King of the Winged Monkeys.
(The Monkey Cap enables the user to cast a powerful Dictum that cannot be resisted over the entire race of Winged Monkeys. The Dictum can also be one that puts the Winged Monkeys in danger. It is possible to order all of the Winged Monkeys to kill themselves. The only limit is that the command cannot include the Monkeys leaving the boundaries of Oz.)

Ozma's Royal Carpet is a magical green royal carpet that she used to travel. In the past she used it to travel unheeded through Oz on diplomatic missions with the variuos denizens of Oz. It is green with gold and silver trimming and wide enough for two average sized people to walk on it side by side. The carpet rolls out ahead of the walkers and rolls itself up behind itself. It protects the travelers from harm and works like a minor form of a silver path. The carpet has enabled Ozma to travel across the Deadly Desert. Although this power only manifests itself when Ozma herself is using it. When not being used the carpet is fairly heavy and when completely rolled up can be carried by two average strength people.
(Other people using the carpet must activate its powers with a point of glamour for the scene. Anyone or anthing wishing to harm travelers on the carpet from outside of the carpet must achieve three successes on a Glamour roll diff 8.)

Dr. Pipt's Liquid of Petrifaction essentially turns whoever was unlucky enough to ingest it or come in physical contact with into marble. The person/creature is held in a state of suspended animation for the duration of the effect, which is permanent, until the antidote is applied or other magic used to lift the effect. The Liquid is a murky gray color and in all respects looks like liquid marble.
(The effect is similar to the Kryos cantrip Coldheart (Blood Dimmed Tides pg 77). Use the same system with the only change being that the victim is turned to stone and that the effects are permanent until reversed.)

Petrifaction Antidote is the one sure way of curing someone whom has been afflicted by the liquid of the same name. The antidote has six components that can all be found in and only in Oz. The ingredients are as follows:
- 3 golden hairs from the tail of a Woozy
- A Six Leaf Clover
- The left wing of a yellow butterfly
- A Gill in of water from a dark well in a gold bottle
- Oil from a live man's veins

(The Antidote cures anyone afflicted by the Potion of Petrifaction and any other form of stasis magic.)

The use of Doctor Pipt's incredible Powder of Life has brought some of Oz's most famous citizens to life. A single dose of the powder and saying the three command words brings any inanimate object to sentient speaking life. A single batch of the powder contains 3 doses. A single batch required the stirring of 4 pots that held unknown ingredients for 6 years straight. The incantation that must accompany the use of the powder is as follows. "Weaugh!", spoken with the left hand raised and little finger pointed upward. "Teaugh!", spoken with the right hand raised and the thumb pointed upward. "Peaugh!", spoken with both hands raised and all the fingers and thumbs spread. Ironheart killed Dr. Pipt during the Fall and the only copy of the recipe was in his Book of Recipes.
(Powder of Life is VERY powerful, and should not be made available to PCs lightly. When used on an object the ST needs to randomly decide how many chimera points to be allocated for the creation of the sentient chimera. The chimera's new stats should reflect the nature of the object. Mundane objects brought to life by the powder are very susceptible to banality while in the Autumn World and usually do not live long.)

H.M. Wogglebug T.E. created the School Pills to grant the user knowledge of a specific subject for a limited amount of time. The Wogglebug has not been seen in years but on occasion someone finds some of the pills scattered throughout Oz. It is also thought that the Wizard knows the secret of their creation.
(Anyone taking a School Pill is granted an additional 1-3 dots in whatever Knowledge Ability the pill is designed for. [ex. a Law pill grants an additional 1-3 dots in the Law Knowledge] The dots remain for the following 24 hours.)

The Silver Slippers were Thought to be lost in the Deadly Desert when Dorothy went home for the first time. The Silver Slippers are one of the most potent and legendary treasures in Oz. The previous Wicked Witch of the West used the slippers to enslave the Munchkins. Dorothy used them to send herself back to Kansas. Which is one of the few known times that a Flicker Flash has crossed the boundries between the Dreaming and mortal world successfully. The full range of the slipper's powers are unknown. It is thought that Dorothy subconsciously used the slippers to bring Scarecrow to life during her time in Oz on account of her loneliness and fear.
(The system and extent of the slippers powers are left up to the storyteller.)

Tinman's Axe when the previous Wicked Witch of the East enchanted Nic Chopper's axe the curse not only caused him to chop himslef apart but also made his axe more deadly. The Witch had not planned on Nic continueing to use the axe after his "demise". Tinman's Axe is attuned to him and while it is still very sharp. It is diff 6 (diff 4 for Tinman) to use and does Str+6 damage. In the hands of Tinman his axe becomes far mor powerful. The Axe can perform Holly Strike on anything made from wood for 1 Glamour.

Tinman's Heart
is a heart made from fine red silk with a clock inside. The bearer of the heart has their Empathy raised to 5. The user can also use the heart to cast Chicanery 4 Haunted Heart once a day.

The one source of Truth Water
in Oz comes from the Truth Pond. Which is located in the far southwest corner of Winkie Country. The waters are cool and clear and the sides and bottom of the pond are lined with pink tiles. The waters dispel illusions, enchantments, and return any of those who drink it to their true forms.
(The system for Truth Water can be found on pg 95 of Inanimae: The Secret Way. Truth Water directly from the Truth Pond and not removed has the additional property of removing all enchantments and restoring the subject to their true form.)

The Fountain of Oblivion is located in what was once the Emerald City and now Ironheart's fortress. Its waters carry the power of the Mists themselves and erase the memories of those who drink it. Ironheart has distilled the water from this fountain and pumps it through vast pipelines for the citizens of Oz. The distilling process gives the water the ability to erase the memories of the drinkers concerning the time before the Fall.
(Drinking water straight from the Fountain of Oblivion has the same memory erasing properties of dying chimerical death based on the subject's Banality with and additional +4 to the Mists Chart. Ironheart's Distilled Water erases only the subject's memories from before the Fall.)

The Wish Belt, originally in the possession of the 1st Nome King, was last known to be held by Ozma before the Fall of the Emerald City. It is known that the belt grants wishes to its owner but the extent of the powers are unknown. Among the magical things it can do is grant the wearer one wish a day, but the wish must be made with the right eye closed while wiggling the left big toe and drawing a long breath.
(The Wish Belt's powers are left to ST discretion. It in the past has been used to teleport individual back and forth from the Near Dreaming and the Autumn World and turn individuals into ornaments.)

These silver Wishing Pills were discovered in a secret compartment in the pepper tin that held the Powder of Life that Tip used to bring Jack Pumpkinhead, the Sawhorse, and the Gump to life. Another of the amazing alchemical creations of the late Dr. Pipt, the pills allow the user one wish per pill. The directions for use of a pill say that one should count to seventeen by twos after swallowing a pill, and then make a wish. It will then be immediately granted. This is of course assuming that the user of the pills knows the directions. Failure to follow the directions will result in nothing but the waste of the pill and a terribly nasty bellyache if they are swallowed.
(As with anything in Oz that grants the user wishes, discretion should be used by the ST and players should not be allowed to abuse these items. STs should feel free to make ridiculous or possible game unbalancing wishes backfire on the user in some way shape or form with these pills. They are not nearly as powerful as the Silver Slippers or the Wish Belt)

The Wonderful Love Magnet is a piece of metal shaped like a heart-shaped horseshoe magnet that causes everyone to love the person who possesses it. The Shaggy Man stole it from a girl who was loved so much all the boys quarreled over her. He took it because no one loved or cared for him. The Shaggy Man hung it over the gates to the Emerald City so that whomever passes through the gates may be loved and loving. Last seen in the possession of the Shaggy Man. The Wonderful Love Magnet causes all that interact with the bearer to have an incredible hard time disliking the bearer and harming them.
(The bearer of the Love Magnet gains an automatic Charisma of five. The bearer can also spend a point of Glamour to enact Grandeur for the scene. All individuals attempting to think ill of or take arms against the bearer of the Love Magnet must make a Willpower roll diff 9.)

The Woozy was a creature about the size of a goat and appeared to be made from building-block shaped parts covered with a smooth, tough dark blue skin with only three golden hairs on the very tip of its tail. The Woozy went feral during the Fall and was killed by the Nomes during the war. The current Nome King Auric is now in possession of it. The Woozy Pelt lends its strength and powers to the wearer of the skin
(The Woozy Pelt grants the wearer an armor rating of 5 with no Dex penalties. The wearer also gains the ability to shoot fire from their eyes when angered. The fire is not enough to do damage but grants the wearer a +3 on all Intimidation rolls when angered.)

Yellow Bricks
are the scattered bricks from what is left of the fabled Yellow Brick Road. In Oz carrying a Yellow Brick acts like a compass. The carrier of the Yellow Brick always knows their way around Oz. If you want to head to Gillikin Country holding a Yellow Brick will allow the carrier to know what direction to face. In the Autumn World a Yellow Brick allows the carrier to be able to tell where the closest trod is located that will lead to Oz. It is beleived that both the Wizard and the Shaggy Man have Yellow Bricks which allow them to find their way back to Oz. Yellow Bricks also can be used to help reincarnated Ozians in the Autumn World remember the heritage.

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