Quadling Country

Glinda's Fortress

The Emerald Copse
Winkie Country

The Truth Pond- The Truth Pond lies in the in the very southern end of Winkie Country right on the border of the Deadly Desert and Quadling Country. The Pond is actually a small pool lined in pink marble tile surrounded on its edges by white marble. There is nothing around it save for the desert that is Winkie Country. If one looks into the truth pons they will see their true self in the reflection of the pond. The water in the Truth Pond is a more powerful version of Truth Water (Inanimae: The Secret Way pg. 95). Bathing in the Pond (completely submerged) itself will dispel any enchantment or illusion no matter how powerful reverting the bather to their true form. Water taken from the Pond and put into a container has the same properties as normal Truth Water.

Mombi's Fortess
Gillikin Country

Located in the North of Oz Gillikin Country is home to the more rugged of Oz's people. It holds the most forest left in Oz, most of which is part of the Great GuGu Forest. The forest can be a dangerous place though. Many of the larger creatures of Oz have sought shelter in the Great Forest. Since the death of Lion, there has been little order, and feral pooka stalk the dark forest. They come in all shapes in sizes of animals that may be found in the forest. The Gugu Forest is quite large and contains aspects of forests from all over the mortal world from rainforest to pine forest. The trees are immense towering high into the sky much farther than trees in the mortal world. The Great Gugu Forest is a dark and primal place. Kalidahs claim many areas of the forest as their hunting grounds and the Fighting Trees have never been fond of trespassers. The Copse of the Great Purple Forest of Fighting Trees holds most of the authority in the forest. However they are the self-crowned protestors of the forest and tend not to be accepting of outsider views.

In spite of these dangers, many Ozians call the forest their home. Forest dwelling boggans and nockers inhabit various clearing and on the borders of the forest. Many Winkies who fled Ironheart's invasion have since taken up residence with their Gillikin brethren. Many forested ponds provide fresh water for refugees from Ironheart's conquest. As a result of generations of Gillikins living in the forest, all native Gillikins recieve a +2 bonus to Survival.

In the very northern most corner of Oz, near the border of the Deadly Desert, is the supposed location of the Palace of Endora, the Good Witch of the North. This palace has never been found. Even the Fighting Trees, who know the forest better than anyone, have failed in every attempt to locate it. When one searches for the palace they find themselves getting turned around in the forest and running in circles. They even have a hard time remembering what they were looking for and often wander back home wondering what it was they went searching for in the first place.

Endora's Fortress
Munchkin Country

Munchkin Country is located in the eastern corner of Oz and is fabled for being where Dorothy's house first landed and set into motion the events that changed the face of Oz forever.
Munchkin Country is predominantly inhabited by Boggans with a few Nockers. It was the home of Dr. Pipt the Crooked Magician and both the Winged Monkeys and Agatha are current residents. Munchkin Country rolling hills of blue grasses and scattered small forests. It was a peaceful lazy land in the Golden Times. Now it is rutted with tank treads deep in the mud and cog patrols are frequent. The Cogs have greater maneuverability in the low hills than they do in the dense forests of Gillikin Country or the mountains of Quadling country. That added to the fact that two of Ironheart's more powerful enemies, Agatha and the Winged Monkeys reside there, make it the staging ground for most of Ironheart's campaigns. With the exception of the Winkies the Munchkins are the most subjugated of all the peoples in Oz. It was Tinman's homeland before the War and also the place where Dorothy met all three of her companions. T he Yellow Brick Road here is torn form the earth and its bricks scattered.

Mount Munch- Agatha's's Caverns- Agatha's Domain lies within the caverns beneath Mount Munch in the very eastern point of Oz. From there she plots and watches occasionally emerging to do battle or trade. As the second most active of the compass witches, second to Mombi. She is also the most accessible. Although with her sanctum's high Arcane rating she is difficult to approach directly although she is the most likely to grant audience if she believes someone has something to offer, although being an ecstatic mage makes her requests rather "unusual".

Winged Monkey's Rookery- The Rookery lies in the far Northeast corner of Oz in tall spiraling mountains. T he mountains make access by cogs all but impossible except for flying cogs such as Spider Flyers and Razor Hawks. The spires are very difficult to navigate on foot and without the ability to fly gaining actual access to the Rookery is almost impossible. The Rookery actually lies directly on the border between Munchkin and Gillikin Country. The Winged Monkeys reign supreme in their domain under the leadership of the Monkey King. The Monkey's hold honor and freedom above all else and will bargain with those opposed to Ironheart.
The Deadly Desert

Tinman's House
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Ironheart's Fortress

The Yellow Brick Road- the Yellow Brick Road originally wound it's way throughout Oz and as long as you were on it you would eventually arrive in the Emerald City. The Yellow Brick Road functioned somewhat as a very minor Silver Path in Oz. The Road would protect it's travelers from outside harm. Since Ironheart's rule most of the road has been torn up and the bricks scattered about. The Brick's alone still contain some magic however (see Yellow Bricks).

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