The stories are true.
They were not a political statement.
They were more than just the first american fairy tales.
What was before is no more.
Oz is now a World of Darkness.

A World of Darkness: Oz is designed to be a fully functional setting that is compatible with all six of the World of Darkness game lines. WoD: Oz lends itself most easily to Changeling: The Dreaming due to its location in the Far Dreaming. Oz does, however, contain Mages - and they play very important roles.

There are two main themes to A World of Darkness: Oz. The first is Fear. Ironheart's rule of Oz is absolute. The heroes of Oz are all dead or in hiding. Those that remain have had their wills crushed and even most of their memories of an Oz before Ironheart nulled by the waters from the Fountain of Oblivion that Ironheart distills and pumps throughout the land. He has poisoned and polluted the natural waters beyond safe consumption. Using this theme the PCs attempts at merely trying to survive, dodging Cog Patrols, and exploring the forgotten corners of Oz searching for a way to turn the tide will be the main story lines. The other theme is Rebellion. Using this theme suggests that some of the heroes of Oz have returned and hope is beginning to take root in the people. The gathering of forces and uniting the people of Oz would be the recommended storylines.

attention: if you are a storyteller honestly interested in using WoD: Oz as a setting, then there a few extra things that can not be found on this page that you will need to know. I havent put them here because the potential for players reading certain information and ruining some really good parts of the setting is pretty high. I'm sure all good players know the difference between IC knowledge and OOC knowledge, but, REALLY good players don't want to know the secrets because it's always better when it's an actual mystery.
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