It is known that sphere magick does not function in the Dreaming. The early mages who traveled to Oz used Spirit Magic to do so. You can't use the Matter sphere to shape chimerical earth because it's not really earth; it's ephemera - more specifically, it's chimerical ephemera. Oz is a magick land by nature and the witches were allowed to keep their powers. Their mastery of Spirit (for they were all masters and great Umbral travelers to be able to reach Oz in the first place) fades the longer they stay in Oz.

If Glinda the Good were to somehow return to the mortal world her spheres would be useless. Her knowledge of Spirit has faded and it has been replaced by a deeper understanding of the Dreaming and its laws at the cost of a loss of everything else. Within Oz and even other parts of the Dreaming the Compass Witches are very powerful but they are powerless if they leave.

All Compass Witches and any other mages who stay in Oz long enough lose all of their dots in Spirit. These dots are then expanded and divided up among the other spheres accordingly. This shows he gradual way in which Oz enforces it's laws upon its inhabitants. The Compass Witch system is something that Oz needs for stability. The Ley Lines of Oz run through the four edges of Oz and from corner to corner. The Witches act as stabilizing forces for these powers. When both Wicked Witches were killed by Dorothy Oz, grew unbalanced. This is why during the majority of Dorothy's time in Oz everything and everyone was so "good". Without Compass Witches to stabilize Oz it begins to unravel. The Dreaming "summons" new witches to take their place. This is how Agatha and Mombi rose to power. Any female mage in the Umbra feels a pull towards the nearest Path of Balor and is shown the way to Oz. They inevitably follow the call and arrive in Oz. It is through this Path that Mombi gained access back to Oz and allowed Ironheart to cross the Deadly Desert and enter Oz from the West. All Compass Witches have been female. There is no discernable reason for this. It has just always been so.

Oz has "rules" for its guardians. In return for the vast amount of power they channel on a regular basis there is a price to be paid. Oz alters both the appearance and attitudes of the compass witches to fit its "stereotypes". The Wicked Witches slowly become ugly and cruel. The Good Witches become beautiful and kind. Glinda has been in Oz for so long that it unknown whether or not she may actually be able to commit a cruel act. This is why she forgave the Wizard for the Great Betrayal and why she has avoided direct confrontation with Ironheart. It is perhaps these banal stereotypes that make Oz fairly resistant to the Firchilis and partly shield its inhabitants from Bedlam.

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