This category includes all of the races in Oz. Some are fae and some are chimerical. Oz has been seperated from the Autumn World for so long that the old names for creatures have faded to be replaced by Oz-specific ones. Some races are actually regional. Being a Munchkin, for instance, merely means that the individual lives in Munchkin Country. Now while it is true that Munchkin Country is predominantly inhabited by Boggans, this does not keep Nockers who live in Munchkin Country from being Munchkins. Nor do they take any offence at the title.

Winged Monkeys - A race of winged monkeys that inhabit a mountian rookery in the Northeast corner of Oz and fight Ironheart's rule.
Kalidahs - Some of the most fearsome creatures in Oz. The Kalidahs are immense creatures with the bodies of bear and the heads of tigers.
Hammerheads - A race of small crude armless folk who inhabit the mountains of Quadling Country. Their have the ability to shoot their flat-topped heads from their shoulders as if on springs.
The Loons - Inflatable balloon creatures.
Growleywogs - Violent angry antisocial chimerical immigrants to Oz.
The Fighting Trees - A militant race of Gladeling Kuberas who at one time inhabited many of Oz's forests but have suffered greatly at the hands of Ironheart.
The Nomes - A race of Glomes that live underneath Oz. Currently led by King Auric, they wait for their curse to be lifted.
Gumps - Strange creatures that seem to a cross between goat and antelope. They inhabit the great forests of Oz but are near to extinction.
Tottenhots - The only group of Redcaps in Oz. They are small group and live in a very primitive culture. They have no love for Ironheart and his machines...or anyone else for that matter.
The Wheelers - Nocker/Cog halfbreeds immigrants from the Kingdom of Ev who serve Ironheart.
Deadly Plants - A species of large bulbous plants that have become more common in Oz since the Fall. They capture their prey in large petal sacs andslowly digest them. A particularly nasty way to die.
Gillikins - A regional term for all the fae who live in the purple lands of the North.
Quadlings - A regional term for all the fae who live in the red lands of the South.
Winkies - A regional term for all the fae who live in the yellow lands of the West.
Munchkins - A regional term for all the fae who live in the blue lands of the East.

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