The Wheelers

The Kingdom of Ev that once lay off the eastern border of Oz beyond the Deadly Desert is no more. It has faded away into the dreaming without the solidarity that Oz maintains through the stories in the autumn world and the balancing presence of the Compass Witches. Many of Ev's inhabitants faded away along with it as their dream realm was ravaged by the Firchilis and slowly eroded into dreamstuff. The Wheelers were a race of predominately unseelie nockers who saw the flesh as weak. They recognized that within the dreaming everything is made of dreamstuff, be it flesh, bone, wood, rock or metal. They heard tales of a great nocker craftsman by the name of Ku-Klip, who's fame had spread far and wide thanks to the adventures of the Tin Woodman. They sought to recreate the properties of Ku-Klip's ingenious Meat Glue in order to graft mechanical components to their own bodies, seeking "upgrade" themselves. Clearly they succeeded. There was however one difference. When Ku-Klip first created the glue it only bound unliving matter to living matter. It was only later when Ku-Klip perfected the recipe that it could reattach lost meat parts to their original owners. The Wheelers were content with the sacrifice of their "inefficient" limbs for advanced knocker components. Never going so far to cut themselves apart farther. Ku-Klip was a genius without equal and the Tin Woodman stands unique in the Dreaming as the result of a crafted inanimate host for a kithain fae soul. The Wheelerís inorganic components allowed them to carefully cross the Deadly Desert. Many perished in the pilgrimage since their wheels did not function well in the shifting sands of the desert. Those who survived the journey eagerly joined Ironheartís legion, dreaming of a paved world. All Wheelers have wheels for legs and legs. Many have weaponry mounted from their shoulders including flame throwers, buzz saw, gun and mechanisms for manual manipulation. Some knockers native to Oz have joined the ranks of the Wheelers and undergone the bloody self mutilating initiation. They fully embrace Ironheartís cog technology and vision. Ironheart welcomed the welcomed the Wheelers in his ranks. He does not totally trust them since most of the Wheelers are mad basterds. They are chaotic and difficult to control which Ironheart does not like. Wheeler gangs are fast and dangerous. They tend to stick to the more urban areas of Oz and will often claim territory as their own regardless of Ironheartís orders. They arenít as predictable as the cogs and are just as well armed.

Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown