This category is for NPCs. Although if a player wants to be one of these characters the ST should not completely rule it out. Think of the role-playing opportunities a player could experience by being the Tinman and struggling with his overwhelming sense of loss and lonliness. Not all of these characters have actual stats. Feel free to write your own stats for these characters, although I am available at my email address if youd like help or suggestions. The NPCs are divided into three main categories:

Alive in Oz (Survived the war and still in Oz)

Agatha - Wicked Witch of the East : Cult of Ecstasy Tradition Mage
King Auric - King of Nomes : Wilder Gladeling Glome
Dorothy - Princess of Oz : Powerful Mortal Dreamer and Hero of Oz
Endora - Good Witch of the North : Mage Unknown
The Glasscat - Created by Dr. Pipt's Powder of Life : Chimera
Glinda - Good Witch of the South : Order of Hermes Tradition Mage
Gremlin - Freedom Fighter : Winged Monkey Wrencher
King Ironheart - Current Mad Ruler of Oz and Cog Army : Grump Unseelie Nocker ( for stats see Storyteller section )
Jelia Jamb - Oz Freedom Fighter : Wilder Seelie Boggan
Kaliko - Royal Chancellor to King Auric : Grump Gladeling Glome
Lady Yoop - Giant Sorceress : Chimera
The Monkey King - King of the Winged Monkeys : Chimera
Mombi - Wicked Witch of the West : Mage Unknown
Ozma - Rightful Ruler of Oz : Childling Seelie Sidhe House Gwydion
Polychrome - Daughter of the Sky King : Childling Gladeling Paroseme
Tiktok - Smith and Tinker Nocker construct, Slave in Ironheart's Cog Army : Golem
Tin Woodsman - Nic Chopper the Tin Woodsman : Unknown
Tuk Tugger - Royal Marksman of Oz: Unseelie Gillikin Boggan Grump
The Wizard - Oscar Diggs, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz : Mortal Kinian Sorcerer
Yosh Hammerthorn - Freedom Fighter : Unseelie Winkie Nocker Wilder
The Yoop - Giant Opposed to Ironheart : Chimera

Alive on Earth (they either fled to the Autumn World or were killed in the war and reincarnated there)

Hungry Tiger - John Bengal, The Hungry Tiger : Seelie Wilder Tiger Pooka
Ku-Klip - Tin Smith : Wilder Seelie Nocker
Lion - Lyonel Dietrich, The Cowardly Lion : Seelie Wilder Lion Pooka
Nimmie Amee - Tinman's Lover : Wilder Seelie Boggan
Roquat - Ex-Nome King : Slumbering Gladeling Glome
Shaggy Man - Trodfaring Expert : Mortal Eshu Kinian
Smith - Master Craftsman, Partner to Tinker : Wilder Seelie Nocker
Tinker - Master Craftsman, Partner to Smith : Wilder Unseelie Nocker

Deceased (Dead permenently, the fate of many chimera in the war)
the dead aren't so much NPCs as they are part of history, but if you really think that Jack Pumpkinhead should have survived the war, don't let me stop you*

Amby Ombi - Ex-Captian of the Royal Guard of Oz : Wilder Seelie Sidhe House Gwydion
The Gump - Created by Dr. Pipt's Powder of Life : Chimera
H.M. Woogelbug T.E. - Thoroughly Educated and Highly Magnified Wooglebug : Chimera
Jack Pumpkinhead - Created by Dr. Pipt's Powder of Life : Chimera
Margolette - Dr. Pipt's Wife : Grump Unseelie Sidhe House Gwydion
Pastoria - First King of Oz : Wilder Seelie Sidhe House Gwydion
Dr. Pipt - The Crooked Magician, Master Alchemical Sorceror : Grump Unseelie Sidhe House Dougal
Scarecrow - First Hero of Oz, and Dorothy's Companion : Chimera
Scraps the Patchworkgirl - Created by Dr. Pipt's Powder of Life : Chimera
The Woozy - Box-like Creature, only one of its kind : Chimera
The Wooden Sawhorse - Created by Dr. Pipt's Powder of Life : Chimera

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