i never drink and game but when im not gaming im a big fan of the sauce.
so when me and my boys get together and kill some whisky and beer it looks a little something like this.

White Wolf Game Studio

They make some good games. Too bad they dont give a shit about Changeling anymore. Oh well. nothing lasts forever.

The Moonlit Trod

The grandmama of our whole Changeling website family. However it got a revamp a few years ago with a bunch of Melissa Uran Art and that was about it. There hasnt been anything new there in a long time.

MistyPaw's Pooka Place

A great site devoted to the Pooka, updates and news for Changeling in general along with a great gallery.

Jhardhel' Healdan

One of my gamer buddies from GA and from DragonCon. GREAT SITE with TONS of great reference material.
He is also our illustrious Rath Changeling RingMaster

The Sluagh Underground

Black Raven's site, outgrowing it's humble gallery origins.
Updates include lots of great new info on the (surprise) sluagh, check it out, i helped him write some of it.

SageWorks Web

Fellow Changeling scholar, The Good Doctor Morganes shares his wisdom, essays, and thoughts on Changeling: The Dreaming.

Endless Dreams

My friend Mystwalker's site. She is also one of the Hot Gamer Chicks. Great Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt source. She also hosted the Hot Gamer Guy gallery...it only got three entries though.

Scattered Dreams

A great site to introduce you to the Changeling universe, or to grab that little bit of info when your own library isnt handy. Easily one of the most useful sites on my list.

The Freehold of Capricorn

Easily the prettiest changeling site on the net. Its beautiful with lots of really great art. It also puts the rest of our web skills to shame.

The Dream Burrow

A great reference site for pooka. Lots of good original info, if you cant get your hands on KB:Pooka, go here. Also hosted by our friends at Digital Dreaming.

Trolls Revised

A source site strictly for Trolls, a wonderful scholarly work.

Black Hat Matt's Storyteller Page

Go for the essays and stay for the essays...since thats all there really is. Black Hat Matt's site is an example of a veteran gamer. Matt McFarland is the Dark Ages Developer for WW and also a total fucking piece of shit.

The Isle of Rainbows

Well this site moved and i dont know what happened to the australian part of it. Some of the treasures are still australian though.

The Dreaming Glade

Ashley the Nocker's site. Its got the collected Merfolk and Selkie info along with some new bits, and original write-ups for Dragon-kin and Swan Maidens.

Players of Darkness

An online gameroom in the World of Darkness. A place to roleplay "play-by-post" style. This is Vandal's Hangout.

World of Glasswalker's Resources

This site has been under construction for a long time but hopefully Glasswalker will get it back on it's feet soon.


Check out my interview about the site.


Chris Brown designs

This is Chris Brown, he taught me nearly everything i know about being a puppet builder. He kicks ass and you need to check him out. Yeah thats right i learn how to build that stuff. Hells yeah.

Oz Encyclopedia

This a FANTASTIC Oz resource page where you can find out nearly everything about Oz. Its easy to search and holds a wealth of info and saves Oz geeks like me from rummaging through all of our old books. This site was instrumental in creating the Oz sections of the site and I give many many thanks to W.R. Wright at Piglet Press. In fact we love him so much we made this swank ass banner for him.

Estrigious Studios

This is the home of our beloved becky one of the contributors to the Oz Gallery and a good friend. Go and check out her and the rest of the incredible girls there.

Jenko Studios

Janeen and Vanessa Satone's fabulous art gallery. Go here NOW.


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