9/31/05 - Heres hoping i see lots of fae this year at DCON!

I dont have very many updates these days. Not much happens in the Changeling world lately. But sometimes...something does happen. This is one of those times. Thad and Julia brought a beautiful baby into the world. And that damnit is something. Congrats guys! Im going to miss you at Dcon this year. It wont be the same without you.
Welcome to the Dreaming Ariadne!

12/28/04 As i was cleaning up my room i came across my old notes for the Wheelers that i never got around to typing up. So as a late christmas present heres the The Wheelers for the Oz section. Enjoy.

12/16/04 - If you dont already have Exalted: The Fair Folk go get it. Even if you dont play Exalted (which i however do) its a cool book that has a really interesting system for this thing the Fair Folk do called "shaping" imagine the fight between Merlin and Mad Madam Mim from Disney's the Sword and the stone but instead of just shapeshifting themsevles they are altering ALL of the reality around them to fight each other. its pretty cool. and my good friend Micheal Goodwin wrote up all the stuff on the Moutain Folk and he is awesome so go buy the book anyway.

not a whole lot to report on the Keys to the Kingdom/Book of Glamour front. still waiting basically.

on another note everyone please welcome Sandra to the Hot Gamer Chick Gallery

11/15/04 - Updated Changeling Book Underground Railroad listings. My supply has gotten pretty low.

9/19/04 - Well looks like i spoke too soon. Chris Howard came back and said WW wasnt happy with what he was doing. big suprise. So now it looks like Keys to the Kingdom is going to get released as one of those online book things you have to download through that Drive through thing. At least its going to be free. He plans to publish Book of Glamour online as well but it looks like we might have to pay for that one. Oh well. Not as bad as it could be i suppose. I was really looking forward to hosting that info though. Chris's WW Forum Post. If you want to read it yourself.

9/16/04 - Well Dragon*Con is over and i am a lazy ass so i havent gotten the pics together yet. Theres 140 of them and LOTS of great changeling pics. I will get around to it i promise. However in the meantime GREAT NEWS for changeling fans. Christopher Howard, who was responsible for some of my favorite changeling writing (Goblin Town, KB Redcap, etc) showed up on the WW forums saying this:

Hello all,

It's been a long time since I've visited any of the old WW game forums. I turn my back for a couple of years and the whole universe changes on me.

As some of you may remember, I have written a number of books for White Wolf between 1993-2001, contributing to Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith and especially Changeling. As some people have recently reminded me, I have some outstanding business with the fae, namely the release of two books that I authored shortly before the line's regrettable demise.

The books in question are "Keys to the Kingdom" (Changeling's intended contribution to "The Year of the Scarab") and "The Book of Glamour" which was to be a thorough streamlining of the Changeling magic system. I am taking this opportunity to update you on where both projects currently stand.

Keys to the Kingdom (KttK): This book was to be a three-part adventure located in Egypt, the Amazon and the Deep Dreaming. The developers (Jackie Cassada and Nicky Rea) contracted myself and two other authors -- Carla Hollar and Rustin Quaide -- to author the book. Carla, among other things, wrote the very fine House Varich chapter for Book of Lost Houses. Rustin Quaide wrote the nigh legendary Garou Saga (best damn book of werewolf poetry ever written) and a ton of stuff for Fading Suns.

Before Changeling was cancelled, Rustin Quaide and I had written a substantial amount of KttK, though neither of our chapters were edited in any meaningful way. I do not know how much Carla has written (she was working on the Egyptian chapter) and I am unaware as to what plans she has, if any, to release what she has written.

I have spoken with Rustin Quaide, however, and he has released his chapter to me. Rustin developed the chapter set in the Amazon. I wrote the Deep Dreaming chapter, as well as the short story, introduction and additional materials. Thus, I am hereby releasing this unfinished first draft book to anyone who currently runs a Changeling (or other WW) site who would like to post it. What the book lacks in polish, I hope it will make up for in atmosphere, story telling and setting information.

If interested, please leave your site address and any other contact information on this thread; I will contact you in the near future.

Book of Glamour (BoG): This book was mostly completed when Changeling's cancellation was finally made official. I was the primary author, but the book was also to include contributions by this forum's own Dan Ginn and Krister Michl. It has been some years since I have reviewed what I have written on this book and am not sure that I would like to release it in its current form. It's already far more polished than KttK, but I have long thought that if I release the book, it should be done right. I was in negotiations with White Wolf some time ago about releasing it as an official PDF, complete with full typesetting and illustrations. That may still occur. Alternatively, I may still polish it further and then release it to any unofficial Changeling sites. Part of how this proceeds will be based on the reception to KttK. If the interest is out there, I will work to finally release the book in a manner that the game's fans deserve.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Dreaming.


Christopher Howard

needless to say The Right to Dream will be more than proud to host this info when it gets into my hands.

Thanks Chris!

9/01/04 - DRAGON*CON is upon us once again. There is going to be a changeling party hosted by a guy named Dominus from the WW forums. The party is friday night at 8. The party is for changelings only. There will be no alchohol so come drunk if you want to be drunk. There should be flyers with the room number for the party in the Hyatt on the flyer table. The usual changeling player meeting will happen in the food court at 5:30 on friday. Julia and Thad will be there and so will I with my posse. There are going to be a lot of nockers at con this year and thats going to be great. If you see The Maxx walking around thats going to be my big (and i do mean BIG) costume this year, so say hi. SEE YOU AT CON!

8/20/04 - The fan created Kithbook Boggan has been released for those of you who didnt already know, by the charming Papkes and my boy Cavan. I know this heads up is a little late coming, and im sorry. Anyway you can find it here:
Kithbook: Boggan

In other news. DragonCon is right around the corner and theres been buzz on the forum about a changeling party...with very little other information concerning the actual details of the party. Ill be there in my nocker outfit with some other kiths in tow. I built a new toy for my nocker costume that i think people will get a kick out of.

6/13/04 - BetterWorldz has provided us with a color character sheet for Dark Ages: Fae. In the downloads section.

5/28/04 - got my copies of DA: Fae. i have to say im pretty pleased...although i do think my player's characters would have made better templates than the ones provided. but i guess thats one of the perks of being a playtester AND and author. Hope everyone likes it! We had big gripes with the way features were handled at first but hopefully everything got ironed out with that. have fun being beautiful and terrible everybody!

4/17/04 - taken from the inside flap of the book Mark Twain on the DAMNED HUMAN RACE"But Mark Twain, great artist that he was, always managed to be hilariously funny in the midst of his anger and despair. He always managed to laugh to keep from crying."

this my friends is our beloved and so overly poorly stereotyped pooka.

3/23/04 - Pete Woodworth posted this errata from Time of Judgement on the Changeling Forum about the 14th Noble House. House Danaan. RULES SECTION

3/11/04 - ...yeah i know its been awhile, that whole RL and all.

New Treasure as promised: Sluagh Telegraph Teacups

AND bienvenida Chesire to the Hot Gamer Chick Gallery!

11/23/03 - MAD UPDATES!!! okay kids we got a lot of new stuff today. and its all in my favorite place. the Rules Section.
First off Krister posted some House Aesin Errata on his livejournal and has been kind enough to share it.
Second, Blackraven has donated all the incredible Sluagh Info he did on his website The Sluagh Underground to me. Its a big update theres LOTS of new info, go check it out. Blackraven's sluagh stuff is awesome.

10/31/03 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! for those of you who live in neighborhoods with children, you better have that candy ready or i hope those kids rack up at least a couple hundred dollars in property damage...sigh where are the good old days? Oh and if your a kid trick-or-treating without a costume, shame on you. i hope you get beat up and have all of your candy stolen, personally id slam the door in your face.

10/25/03 - added Eva to to the Hot Gamer Chick Gallery! and gave Sarabug a new pic on her bio.

10/22/03 - Theres a new art posted in the Rules section called Radiance. I know, i know..."the sidhe dont need another art." thats what i said. but its good anyway, check it out. I'm sure Cavan would like some feedback on it. Feel free to email me and i will forward it to him.

and welcome Aeri to the Hot Gamer Chick Gallery!

9/6/03 -

DragonCon 2003


allright well heres the deal. I am going to be selling some of my changeling book surplus at DragonCon, which is good news for those of you who are coming to dragoncon and bad news for all my friends in other countries. If i have already promised you a book than i wont be selling it and we can work things out when i get back. I wont have as many books to offer after this and I havent been able to find as many books at my local book stores lately. so thats the deal.

If you going to be at DragonCon i'll see you there!

8/17/03 - added the Faerie Ring Webring down at the bottom of the page and on the links plage, also cleaned up all my links while i was there.

8/15/03 - as im sure most of you know by now WW has announced the Time of Judgement and is ending the modern World of Darkness. So now we all know that Changeling was not in fact on "hiatus" they were just stalling since they were ending the whole WoD anyway. We are going to get a chapter out of this book:

World of Darkness: Time of Judgment™ (ISBN 1-58846-475-X) — a 224-page hardcover game supplement detailing the end of Demon: The Fallen, Hunter: The Reckoning, Mummy: The Resurrection, Kindred of the East and Changeling: The Dreaming.

and hey look we are last on the list even after mummy...go us.

So mark your calenders for March 2004 when Endless Winter arrives and the cold sterile fist of banality will finally snuff the glamour out of what is left of our favorite game. I guess we cant be suprised, we all knew that changelings never got an exciting Apolalypse or Gehenna, we go out with a 2 year long whimper.
Matt McFarland will be developing the chapter in Time of Judgement dedicated to the Fae. You can view a very touching essay he wrote about his feelings concerning it all here.

7/12/03 - got some new books available. Book of Houses I and Isle of the Mighty. check it out at the link above.

6/26/03 - My hosts, Digital Dreaming is having an art contest. free books as prizes, check it out.

Digital Dreaming Art Contest

6/23/03 - Oh and by the way, "I doubt that you would have a competition for "Hot Gamer Guys". Well (insert woman who emails me or anonomously posts in my guestbook bitching about the gallery) your right i wouldnt. I am a guy and this is my website, i dont want to be looking at a bunch of geek guys. More importantly i dont need to since Mystwalker hosted the Hot Gamer Guy Contest for me anyway. So step off my nuts.
The Hot Gamer Guy Contest

4/24/03 - "you were on you feet all day. today felt like it went on forever. even noon took seemingly hours longer today. You felt like you waited on lunch forever and now you cant even remember what you had. You are just tired and want to head home, pick up a six pack on the way, and crash in front of the tv till you pass out. This morning you had a message from someone named Edgewick. Never heard of him. You tripped over something at the foot of your bed. Nothing there when you looked down though. You forgot about the pain in a few minutes anyway. Had to get to work. Another day another dollar"

-ain't Banality a bitch?

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