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it feels like a pig shit in my head - With Nail and Eye


3/29/03 - yep...me in a pink dress allright

Drunken Pony Princess

10/26/02 - Its finally here

Pirates vs Ninjas

10/21/02- LONG OVERDUE!!! I shit you not

Drunken Redcap Goes to Vegas

yesterday i went outside (in RL) and theres a tree right in the front of my house...and for half a second i wanted to shake it to see if a bag of money would fall out...this game owns me.

9/18/02 - allright i am back from vegas and i will have the trip posted as soon as i can get the pics developed and scanned. I SO ruled vegas.

9/3/02- its over...con is over and now i have to wait another year to go back to paradise. it gets better every year and Drunken Redcap was there to see it all.
now i let Jay take over the Redcap duties so i could attend to more Drunken Satyr-esque duties. and it was SO worth it. so go check out all the fun we had. and adam has my damn redcap and now its in CANADA! gotta get it mailed back pronto.

DragonCon 2002

8/28/02 - Mr Redcap Goes to Michigan
so i had to fly to Michigan on a business trip yesterday. didnt have a camera with me or my cap. but i do have a napkin from the only place besides the hotel i went to while i was there.

Gipper's Bar and Grill
(stumbling distance from the hotel)



"my name is justin canada...but that doesnt mean that im from canada"

8/12/02- so i wanna have a Pirates vs Ninjas party. you have to come as either a pirate or a ninja which we all know are natural enemies. The ninja is stealthy and invisible in the night while the pirate is all about flash and buckle swashing. Yes definatly.
other parties will be Punks vs. Zombies, Mummys vs Robots, and Cowboys vs Astronauts (PS thanks to becky for some of these great ideas)



life is full of simple pleasures


This is the part of the site where i do whatever the hell i want. Its a celebration of drunken revelry. Remember kids by the time you are old, liver transplants will be a dime a dozen, so drink up now! It is survival of the fittest, the slow weak brain cells must be killed off to make room for the smarter faster ones. Booze just speeds the process along.

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