Welcome to the Gallery. Home of all of the art on the site and the photo-galleries.

Most of the art here is by Chris Black. There might be a little by me here and there but there are much better artists out there than me. Afterall, this page is supposed to have good art on it. I do, however, do all of the coloring for Chris's work. Me likes colorin'!
Also, make sure you check the World of Darkness: Oz Site for another gallery dedicated to Oz related characters and chimera.

SUBMISSIONS If you would like to submit some art to the site you can email me. Currently im really intrested in Oz art for the other gallery. However im totally up for more regular changeling art...we havent gotten anything new in awhile and I am getting bored with the old stuff.

As always, all content on these page is copyrighted and may not be distributed anywhere but here without express written permission by myself or Chris Black, who can be contacted at suijen@hotmail.com.
SO DONT STEAL IT! I have already had this problem with that guy who runs Fae Spirits and i dont want it to happen again. It is NOT okay to steal art and think it is okay just because you have a disclaimer on your site that says you are sorry.

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