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The contest has come and gone. There were 9 entires and everyone who entered got a book or even two! You're all kicking yourself for not entering now aren't you? Now everyone should thank Vandal for all the time and effort that he put into organizing the contest and the INCREDIBLE hook up of these books for prizes. How he managed to get his hands on two (TWO!!!) copies of The Shadow Court and GIVE THEM AWAY, is awesome. Vandal WE SALUTE YOU!

The Winners
and what they won

sirus (aka Adam): An Unfortunate Thing He will receive Book of Lost Houses 2 when it comes out. Also, he may receive another book depending on how cheap I can get one (some of my friends are giving up their books for a steal, and they are all in good shape).

Nicky Finn: Another Basterd of a Year Won a copy of Shadow Court and Nobles: The Shining Host.

Steve: The Orphan Won a copy of Shadow Court and Tradition Book: Order of Hermes.

Matt: Dreams Before Awakening Won a copy of Kithbook: Trolls and Inanimae: The Secret Way.

Adam East: Song of the Seeker Won a copy of Wraith: The Oblivion

BEAU: The Kingdom of Stones Won a copy of Book of Worlds for Mage: he Ascension

Angharad: Recipe for Trouble Won a copy of Mage: The Ascension Revised

Lady Catherine: Changeling Story Won a copy of Big Eyes, Small Mouth, Second Edition.

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