Icons and other Windows Items
Icons of World of Darkness Logo - (Preview)
Thanks to Shadowmancer of Ex Libris Noctunis for the WoD tombstone image.
Icons of Stained Glass Symbols - (Preview)
Icons of the Nine Houses - (Preview)
Icons of the Oz Symbols - (Preview)
An animated cursor of the Time Realm
The files contained in the icon zips are a single ICO file, but within this single file are several icons. You can access any of them by using the windows icon browser. All the above files were created by Alex Lazara. See his website here.
They may not be distributed without his express written permission.

World of Darkness Fonts (Windows Truetype)
Changeling - The font used in the Changeling: the Dreaming logo.
Wraith Caps - The capital letters found at the paragraph beginnings in the Wraith books.

World of Darkness Symbols Fonts
WoD Bats - A grab bag of WoD symbols.
Vampire Bats - No Pun intended. Vampire clan symbols.
Werewolf Bats - Werewolf tribal and other glyphs.
Mage Bats - Mage order symbols and magickal symbols.
Wraith Bats - Wraith Arcanoi and Guild symbols.
Changeling Bats - Changeling Kith, Art, and Realm symbols.

Other Symbols Fonts
Alchemy - A stricly alchemy font. Many of these symbols are used in Mage.
Astro - An astrology font, but many are also used in alchemy, which relates to Mage.
Wool Bats - A world mythology font. It includes many symbols and glyphs from many cultures.

Character Sheets
Please note that these are in the Adobe Acrobat 4.0 format, and you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 to view and print them. Don't Worry, it's free.

These sheets are avalaible for download from the Official White Wolf site
The following links will link you to them at the WW site.

Changeling: the Dreaming Second Edition character sheet
Troll character sheet
Satyr character sheet
Inanimae character sheet
Kinain character sheet

these however aren't on the WW site so they are here.

Dark Ages: Fae character sheet special thanks to BetterWorldz
Nocker character sheet
Pooka character sheet
Redcap character sheet
Sluagh character sheet
Eshu character sheet

Denizens character sheet
Autumn People character sheet (special thanks to Aethernaut)
Dauntain character sheet (more special thanks to Aethernaut)
Hsien character sheet (this was omitted from the Land of Eight Million Dreams book)
Shadow Court character sheet (Tons of special thanks to Aethernaut for finding this one.)

Homemade Character Sheets
A revised Adhene (Denizens of the Dreaming) character sheet (the one out of the books is full of errors and doesnt list any of their new Abilities, this one also has sections for each of the Aria's glamour and willpower)
An original Chimera character sheet
An original World of Darkness : Oz character sheet
You may use the last three character sheets for personal use only. They were created by Beau Brown and Alex Lazara, not by White Wolf, nor are they endorsed by White Wolf Game Studios.)

Copyright © 2000, Beau Brown