I had brought my Casey Jones costume to Fanstasm this year and decided to take my favorite hyper-violent vigilante to DragonCon and pick some fights.

Casey vs Cobra. Destro looked great! and i picked up my Cobra sticker for my badge. COOOOBRA!!!

Casey vs Harley. man i knocked that punk ass clown chick outta the park!

Casey vs Cap. damn super soldier crap, i couldnt even land a hit.

Casey and Birdman...Casey needed a little legal advice.

All the little Nebari want a piece of the Jones.

Casey vs Bats. It was a tough call but Bats finally out-crazyed Casey.

More insane vigilante fun! Casey and Frank share combat tactics while sizing each other up. Whatever man that guys nuts! he kills people. Casey at least just breaks your legs.

Casey vs Nightcrawler. damned teleporters, but all i needed was one lucky hit. BAMF this freak!

Jason vs Freddy NUTHIN! didnt know what a crumpet was. Casey cleaned house.


Casey got his licks in and rocked some Blueberries.

Copyright © 2003, Beau Brown