Changeling was proudly represented at Con this year.
Lots of familiar faces and some new friends as well.

the 4 o clock food court changelign meeting. not as good of a turnout this year.
Thad, Julia, and Theresa were there sporting the first opf many amazing fae outfits.
a lovely trio of Ghille Dhu.

This here is me in my redcap outfit with Katy, aka Mystwalker, who is the web mistress for Endless Dreams. She hasnt been able to update in awhile though. Hopefully she will be contributing here soon though.

heres the first game of changeling we played which i also ran. Had a whole mess of players. Julia (redcap), Katy (satyr), Ben (boggan), Thad (boggan), Theresa (solimond), Jay (redcap) and me. It was all about some local nunnehi causing some shit and a nasty chimera getting loose.

here i am with the lovely Sarah Dungan (who can be found in the Hot Gamer Chick Gallery) she is an incredible artist and was kind enough to give me a pic. Which will be posted in the Oz Gallery.

here is my with the lovely Michelle (Hot Gamer Chick) who some of you may remember from last year. I didnt get to game with her but i heard she had a great time with a bottle of tequila the first night of Con. Can i get a hell yeah?

heres a pic with me and the guy from he actually recognized me from last year and knew who i was and all that. yay for me.

we ran into who of all people but Ian Lemke the writer of Changeling 1st Ed. He left Changelign to go run his LARP Shattered Isles many moons ago. He seemed really happy ot find people still playing changeling and invited me to come to his LARP for free if i wore my satyr outfit. Too bad i dont LARP.

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