DragonCon 2001 was hands down the best Con i have been to yet. I got in some great gaming, saw old friends, met new ones, and partied like a rock star.


here we have the first meeting of all the changeling people as preordained by the forum. pretty much everyone is here: Nicky and Jackie, Karl, Nick, Mistypaw, Adam, Cal, Cavall, BlackHatMatt and some new friends, Jen, Julia, and Thaddeus. sadly i couldnt stay long since i was needed to sell comic books, but i get a free badge for selling comics so i wasnt complaining.


so we got some tickets to the White Wolf party, it was upstairs at Planet Hollywood. i didnt know that many people there but i do know that this little ticket here says free beer, so i was there. Nicky and Jackie were there chilling, Justin Achilli was spinning, as far as i could tell Conrad was drunk all of Con (well done!) i did a little redcap dancing and had a good time.


these are some other pics from around Con some of which dont really have anything to do with anyone related to Changeling, mostly this is me and my friends.

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