so yeah...looks like im pretty drunk. but Ryan is about to spew so i come out on top. speaking of drunk...

at least Ben isnt drunk...nope...not a bit.

This is my close friends Chris and Evita in their Blue Meanie costumes right after they sweeped the Masquerade Costume Contest. Chris is also my mentor who taught me how to build puppets. He and his wife were kind enough to let me crash with them at Con this year. I love you guys.

here we are chilling in the room. thats Chris there out of his costume.

This is Chris doing his impression of the Catepillar...not a bad likeness id say...heh...

this is Katie, she works for prick...Prick magazine. anyway she was there doing Press for Con and she liked my selling strategy at my comic booth so i ran into her later and we hung out. Im sorry things didnt work out the way you had hoped Katie, your a sweet girl.

Here is Ryan and a very tanked Scorpius. I LOVE this picture. that costume was kick ass too. even if he is a bit short for Scorpius.

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