here is my first group i got to play with. it was a blast, great group and a kick ass ST. an exciting romp through the Deep Dreaming to nail down a loose trod. My redcap ate his way through the adventure...deep dreaming augmen was nastyyyyy.
PS- Michelle there on the left in the green has joined the Hot Gamer Chick Gallery, you said you have bad social skills but sorry youre hot, sexy nockers kick ass!

me and my boy adam. the canadian kid partied like a rock star right along side me the whole way. im glad i could help make his first Con a blast.

here is Jesse and I together again at Con for the third year. sadly i never got to game with him and our partying was minimal but its just not Con till i see Jesse in that green sidhe outfit of his.

here are my friends Arye (damn dude i dont remember how to spell your name) and Marsha, whom i met last year. Chris who i used to work with in a costume shop is there in the black and Ryan and Ben are drinking. IM pretty sure that look on Chris's face isnt because of anything Ryan is doing...i think.

This is adam, Cavall, and his lady friend Jen. She is a cutie and i heartily encourage her to join the Hot Gamer Chick Gallery!

Julia with me in her redcap outfit and her Satyr, she also had a sluagh costume which you can see in the big group pic. Julia is already a member of the Hot Gamer Chick Gallery.

back at the one of the changeling room parties. just chilling. Nick, me, adam, Cavall, Jen, Julia, and Thaddeus.

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