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Welcome to the Right to Dream's Hot Gamer Chick Gallery! Here at The Right to Dream we have dedicated this section of the site to recognizing the Gamer Girl population. Girls who break the sterotypical mold of the "Gamer Girlfriend". Ladies, we salute you!

So the contest has been over for awhile now and i cant bring myself to take all these beautiful ladies off the the site. So this section of the site will now be a gallery dedicated to all you Hot Gamer Chicks out there. Remember to send in Bios with your pics telling us how you got into gaming without the help of us lowlife guys.

Oh and by the way, "I doubt that you would have a competition for "Hot Gamer Guys". Well (insert woman who emails me or anonomously posts in my guestbook bitching about the gallery) your right i wouldnt. I am a guy and this is my website, i dont want to be looking at a bunch of geek guys. More importantly i dont need to since Mystwalker hosted the Hot Gamer Guy Contest for me anyway. So step off my nuts.
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Below here is all the text left over from when the Contest was still going serves as a good reminder of what being a Hot Gamer Chick is really all about and to remind us that there are well...bitches out there who get real pissed off when you talk about girls being pretty. sigh...

It's pretty clear that many of you don't care for my little contest, so let me explain it in a little further detail for you.

I'm going to let you in on a secret. It's all a facade. I have a theory that girls do not naturally get into gaming on their own. This contest is really just a "fun" way to gather data for my socialogy experiment. So far, I've recieved three strong pieces of hate mail on the Moonlit Trod mailing list, all from women. The contest is completely aesthetic. While I don't really see why we can't have such a thing. We play a game where the defining characteristic of the noblity is the fact that they have an extra two dots of appearance over the commoners. Hell, the game we play is shallow.

Regardless, its a fun little way for me see if my theory is true. One of the angry female letters included the fact that her boyfriend got her into D&D. Sadly, she's proving my theory. I want my theory to be wrong. I want the female gamer girlfriend role to be debunked. Like I said, in the announcment, most of the girls I have met got into gaming because of someone else. I honestly want to see how many female gamers out there got into it on their own. The society that we live in makes gaming a little more accesible to the "guy lifestyle" at the point in their lives when most of us get into it - late middle school and high school. Comic books and other influnces that are stereotypically male hobbies are how many guys come into gaming. What are the stereotypically female pastimes at this stage in adolensence? Most girls (and I know that most "average" girls dont get into gaming, I'm trying to debunk stereotypes here remember?) get into the social crap brought on by reading too many teen magazines and other such dribble. The rare (and wonderful) ones that do break beyond these stereotypes by getting into other fields like fantasy, science fiction, movies, anime, comics and gaming are rare. The 'pics" are only half (if that) of the feedback I expect to get from the contest. The other half was exaclty what I got from Carol. The fact the she got into Magic on her own but it was her boyfriend that got her into D&D. The important parts of the contest are the gaming and owning changeling books part. This is about female gamers. This is about the stereotype of the "gamer girlfriend" being proved wrong. I insist on trying to have at least one female in all of my gaming troupes. And so far, in all 5 changeling groups that I have STed for, there has always been at least one, although I prefer half and half. It is my belief that having a female in a party adds something to Changeling. Women bring a little wonderful something to the gaming table that I've never quite been able to put my finger on. This is one of the reasons I don't normally allow gender bending in my games. I don't think a man can truthfully portray what it means to be a woman. In a game I played in recently, a guy played a female Muse and frankly he was disgustingly stereotypical thinking nothing about getting laid the whole damn time.

Damn, this got long. I dont mind that some of you are angry. You're right, you don't know me and if you did, you would never think of me as being sexist. Women are wonderful in all of their incarnations. This is a beauty contest, and frankly I don't see anything wrong with admiring the beauty of the female body. If you do, then I'm sorry.

The contest is still on for those who aren't so closed minded as to boycott it.

It has always been said that we gamers arent the most physically attractive group in the world. Just look at the the "Goblin" Gamers from Pentex: Subsidiaries. Now, sure, there are some, but most of the time when you do meet an attractive one, it's because she is dating a guy who got her into gaming in the first place, and she wasn't a gamer until she met him. So, all you hot gamer girls out there, I want you to prove this theory wrong! Stand up and be counted!

This is a completly aesthetic contest, ladies. It is based solely on how good you look in the pic you send us. There will be two judging criteria. A panel of judges (picked by me) will score the entries. Then, there will be online voting. I am having a panel so that everyone won't just vote for their friends. That isn't what this is about. Here are the rules.

1. Gotta be a Changeling gamer.
This means owning at least one gaming book and have played online, table top, and/or (god forbid) LARP.
2. Gotta be a chick
That means no drag queens, boys. Though that's another contest...
3. In keeping with one of our founding themes here at The Right to Dream: NO FAT CHICKS IN WINGS!
You can be a fat chick and enter (fat girls need love, too, guys); you can wear wings; but you just can't be fat and wear wings (you know who you are).

Picture(s) you attach to the e-mail should be no lorger than in 640x480 pixels and in JPEG or GIF format.
To enter, just send an e-mail and picture to this address:

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