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I found out about RPing, mainly online, through my friend Amanda back in 6th grade. We did freestyle in a chatroom where nobody knew what they were doing...but, hey, we all had fun! Then Amanda moved away in the 7th grade to France and the only way we could keep together was by way of the internet and RPing rooms.

The room eventually evolved into a Werewolf: the Apocalypse, my first love. And I still remain guru of it today. (bwahaha!) I bought all the books on it and left the other games mainly untouched. Finally, though, I got bored with WW:tA and decided to look more into the other games. So I bought W:tO, which was far too depressing for a giddy monkey like me. My ridiculous nature was saved when I bought C:tD (my second love). I began to get more acquainted with it and eventually got a ton of the books. Then I "graduated" from middle school and entered the land of overdramatic teenagers (where I still am today! Weehoo!) who were all madly involved with a V:tM LARP in town at the comic book store. So, I relented to finally learn V:tM (which is the devil) and remain in the LARP group today. I sold all my books except for my Land of 8 Million Dreams and Hengeyokai (gotta love the East) because I don't really need RPing as much anymore. Besides, I have it all in me head. You don't need books to have a good time.


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