The Right to Dream is Proud to Preset

The results of the contest were:
Leah: 3
Amber: 2
Jessica: 1
Mary: 1

Which makes the beautiful Leah our winner!
She will now have a place of honor on the site forever now and be immortalized for countless generations. Not bad huh? And all she had to do was send in a pic and a little bio...gee i bet all you other girls out there are kicking yourselves now aren't you?


My name is Leah B, I am 24 and I have been gaming for five years. I was introduced to RPGs by my best (female) friend because she knew I shared her life long love of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I game with two Storytellers, one male and one female. During our last Changeling chronicle we had three women players, one male player, and a male storyteller.
I only own the main Changeling book, but then I have never needed more. I am not offended by your contest at all, even though I am the sort that generally would be.

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