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Sarah Dungan

My "first time" - heh - roleplaying that is, was at on an overnight camp out at summer camp when I was about 12. It was supposed to be a "themed" camp out, ours was Arabian Nights...however, after we had finished our "just add water" arabian food we realised our councilors didn't really have any further plans. And so, our junior councilor whips out this huge binder and says "I've got a game if anyone wants. Anyone ever played Dungeons and Dragons?" Turns out he'd written up his own version of the thing - I was extremely 12 year old self had not know stuff that cool existed! To my thinking, it was the greatest thing since that cartoon show I used to watch by the same name. I went home and bought the only similar thing I could find - which was one of those box sets with the board and the stand up figures and such. My sister and I TRIED to play it, but we basically gave up.

I started up again in high school, when a friend of mine found west ends Star Was RPG and ran a game for a group of us. I wasn't going to stick with it, but I lost a bet and was forced to play with another group and got hooked again. Since then we've done Star Wars, White Wolfs Vampire, Werewolf, and Changeling, Deadlands, Call of Cthulu, Seventh Sea, heck we even started on the old TSR Marvel Superheros game when the X-men movie came out and we all reread our comics and remembered how damned cool they were (course we sort of rewrote the dicing system - damn TSR's tables and conversion charts and more dice then anyone should ever need)

I tend to be terribly long winded when given the opportunity, so I'll focus on making this last part brief...^_~
I'm an Film/Animation major at the Rhode Island School of Design. I draw...alot. I am one of those obnoxious sort of role players who is either to poor or too cheap to buy the rule books. I mooch off friends, get them as gifts, or find other ways to get them for free, or I just don't get them. Hey - when a single class requires you to spend a hundred bucks on watercolor paint you have to learn to make concessions. I have a web page:


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