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ok, so my stepmom opened me up to the wonderful world of sci-fi/ fantasy stuff at an extremely young age, fullfilling her duty of continuing the long line of redheaded geek chicks....there was no turning back and i resigned myself to the fact that i was destined to find solace in the "uncool" (but way more fun), being the president of my high school drama club only reinforced my chances of falling into the world of gaming, but somehow i managed to totally miss out till i got to college a few years back where my inner geek magnet took full effect and drew me into a house full of rollplaying roomates, and it was finally here's where i admit that a guy did get me into gaming, but only because this total jerk stated that he never payed any attention to what the girl players did because he didn't think they were capable of being any good, and shouldn't be allowed to play! i set out to prove him wrong.

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