The Right to Dream is Proud to Present


I am not only a hot gamer chick, I am a hot, old, mother-of-a-gamer, chick. My sister and I were given the original boxed D&D (no books even published yet folks) set when I was 12. By this time I had a firmly entrenched fantasy/sci-fi reading habit. (I was interested in boys then, but wasn't sure why, so it's pretty safe bet this gaming thing is all due some uninformed relative who thought they were buying a board game for their niece.) I read though the booklet, rolled up character after character, drew dudgeons on graph paper, but didn't find a group to play with until I went to college. That group didn't last long, but it had nothing to do with me having a boyfriend, finally. A freaky brother in law DMed for my first hubby and others in the late 80's. I took a shot at DMing then too. The game and marriage imploded at about the same time. Time lapse. Two children and two marriages later, I found a group at a local bookstore. Nothing like a suburban house wife, with a 10 year old son, asking to roll up a pixie rogue, to make a group of teenage gaming geeks believe they really are in the Twilight Zone. I felt like the god-sent Mrs. Robinson of gaming freaks. Three years later, and I've sucked my number one son into the gaming world. It won't be long before he finds a girlfriend to drag into gaming. My work here is done.


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