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I used to read those Choose Your Own Adventure books. Along with the Twist-A-Tale and Pick-A-Plot and any other I could find. Just reading books was not fulfilling me as much as I used to anymore. I didn't want a passive observer role. I wanted to take control. Eventually, even those books got too easy and I went on to Lone Wolf and other books where it was more random and had dice rolls to survive encounters. Then I began to wonder why all these books had the three special letters "TSR" on them.

And thus I learned about Dungons and Dragons. But, all the D&D books the library had were stolen or missing. And all the books I found at bookstores were shrinkwrapped. So for awhile I thought I've lost on my luck. Then, one day in my keyboard class during my sophmore year (I was 16 then), I heard two people talking behind me about vampires like they were really there fighting them. I turned around and started talking to them. The girl became my best friend and mentor in most things. The guy invited us both to his Rifts game, which was my first game.

I was very shy back then and there was a huge amount of people at that game. While Rifts was really much too technical game for me, I loved the people and kept going. Since then I gained a lot of confidance because I gave up trying to fit in, cause I had finally founda crowd that suited me. My boyfriend, Alan, was the GM of that first Rifts game, though it was a year before we became anything more than friends. After the Rifts campain ended I jumped on him insisting he run Changeling. Back then I had just discovered it (that was about 1996 I think).

Alan and I are still together. This June 28, 2001 will be 5 years dating. I've noticed we tend to play games in cycles. First Changleing, then D&D2Ed, then Deadlands. each cycle lasts around 1.5 - 2 years. The Deadlands campain just ended, and we now play Changleing and D&D3Ed on alternating weekends. Other games I like but don't get to play much are Call of Cuthulu, Big Eyes Small Mouth and Underground.

I also keep a websited devoted to my first love of RPGs, Changleing: The Dreaming. It's called The Pooka Place. ( Come on over and say hi!

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