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I started gaming relatively late (i'm 22 now). I was fascinated by the game Magic in high school, but never really got involved in it. My actual gaming experience started out online. I was around 16 or 17 and frequenting some "talkers" (purely social, no RP) when a girl I knew recommended me to a MUSH called Elendor. The theme of that particular MUSH (which I still play on now) was Tolkien. After about a year of playing there, I had moved to college, and another MUSH was recommended to me. This one was called Twin Cities and was purely a Changeling based MUSH. I knew nothing about Changeling when I started, so I learned on the fly.(Here, the keyboard is stolen by Marne's friend., you can email me to verify if you want. She is a gamer chick, and is /hot/. I'll send you a pic as soon as I get one, from the above email.;))

Right, I wasn't going to put that in there at all, actually, but I was forced. MOVING on -- a girl that I met through the Changeling MUSH who happened to live in the same state as me introduced me to my first tabletop game. I had a wonderful time. My second year of college, I also met a group of people who played AD&D, and thought I might like playing, so I tried it out. For the next two years, I played D&D approximately once a week.

Now, I am a Changeling wiz on two different MUSHes. Yes, I own in the book -- in fact, I own about ten. I still play on the Tolkien MUSH as well. I play in a third ed. D&D game as well as a 2nd ed. game, plus occasional WoD games -- Changeling, Vampire, and Mage.

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