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i have an odd story...
a boyfriend didnt get me into gaming, exactly. i came across vampire 2nd edition when i was...15. i loved it. damn near obsessed, so wanted to play. ever so much. however, i did not know ANYONE else, at all, who played it. i found one small group of gamer boys who played mostly magic and other card games, a little d&d maybe. and they thought i was an uneducated freak at the time. then i dated this guy who knew what vampire was, had the main book, but didnt play. just d&d. oh how my heart broke yet again. oh, and magic. they too played magic. i even had jyhad cards! still, no one to play with. so then i was at denny's with my boyfriend (new guy) and we heard our waiter talking bout live action vampire, so we got in on that. and oh how i loved live action vamp. met another guy there, i got into tabletop stuff. vamp at first. but then eventually i found changeling, and i played a lil live action and A LOT of table top stuff. i love it. currently in a wonderfuly delightful campaign run by a changeling obsessed freak so the stories are amazing. i'm playing a pooka and i'm hell bent on changing people's views on pookas (out of character that is). so i do fall into a stereotype of the chick pooka, but i'm a fox pooka, unseelie, and i play up the lying like its really supposed to be done. or at least i'd like to think so. i've played some eshu and sidhe and such too.... but i like pooka for the chalenge they present. i'm sending a pic, a holloween pic from when i was the wicked witch of the east. (yes east, not west). and i'm not wearing wings. i hope your web page and the gamer girl stuff wasnt way out of date. i simply had to make my statement.

my interest in gaming began and was always strong without the pressure of silly boys.


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