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Julia Allis

I got into D&D when I was 12. My mom had imbued me with her love ofsci-fi/fantasy books, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings rocked so far as Iwas concerned, and a guy I knew (no DATES, he's 10 years older than Iam) in the area ran a game. I figured I'd give it a shot, and he waswilling to put up with the more annoying tendencies of a kid because heunderstood.

Experimenting with various RPGs over time, I found many of them akin toa bad drug trip. Maybe it was the people running them. But I didn'tstart WoD until I went to college; no one near me had heard of it beforethat. One of the guys in my D&D group there had run some White Wolfgames before, and one day he offered to run one for us. I loved it.It's only been three years, but by now I've played at least a bit ofeverything. I currently have a Pooka in a Victorian era chronicle, butI have to say Mage is my favorite.

I own 16 Changeling books at this point, along with a pretty impressivelibrary of other White Wolf titles. And I still have my D&D books. :)Hey, the classics never die, so long as you can find a good GM. Betweenmy roommate, my sister, and I (who are also self-initiated ladies) we'vegot about three shelves full.

And there's the photo of me. Cheers!Julia :)

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